Good cheap warrior deck?

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I´ve been trying warrior lately and I dont really think they suck, Im just bad playing with this class.

Can someone tell me a good cheap warrior deck? Im also pretty new at this so i dont have that many cards.

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Greetings Seba,

I just started too and lucked out with a Gorehowl epic from a pack, so I can't really say what deck is ideal. However, I do know some cheap cards that worked out great.

Basic Cards

  • Novice Engineer and Gnomish Inventor:
  • Card Draw is really important, and the Warrior cards don't provide much of it.

  • Shield Block:
  • In my opinion, this card is fantastic as it means you can more confidently use weapons to pop minions. This card + Arcanite Reaper means I can go popping Lord of the Arena without feeling more than a pinch!

  • Chillwind Yeti:
  • This guy trades phenomenally due to its 5-health. And it's in that nook of 4-attack where Priests can't Shadow Word remove it.

Crafted or Bought

  • Ironbreak Owl:
  • Craft this little guy asap. Having a cheap silence will go a long way in ALL of your decks.

  • Dread Corsair:
  • If you decide to stick with Warrior, craft two of these guys as well.
    Fiery War Axe reduces its cost to 1; with the coin, it's the Warrior's best turn 3 play, in my opinion. And Arcanite Reaper equates to a free 3/3 taunt.

Personally Preference:

  • Voodoo Doctor and Darkscale Healer:
  • The healing can often be used to patch up Yetis, Corsairs, etc., and mess with the opponent's plans, as well as keeping you healthy. The Darkscale also trades well like the Yeti, along it costs 5 mana.

  • Venture Co. Mercenary:
  • I put this guy in most of my decks. Turn 4 or 5 Venture Co.'s have often won games for me, as he can hit amazingly hard, remove most other minions, or at least force my opponent to use up loads of removal.


The Warrior's really about brute-force. So build with that in mind. Superior trades, weapons for removal, outlasting them with armor.
I've won quite a few games because I stayed extremely healthy with weapon/minion advantage until both sides ran out of cards.
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