My new fun>w/l deck...that turned out winning

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So over the past week I had gotten quite frustrated with the game as the current neutral foundation FotM decks were getting too prevalent and annoying. So I started by deciding to stop tracking W/L and just try to have some fun.

The first part of this was moving from Ranked to Unranked play. It may be seem easier due to new players doing unranked and people testing out decks but you actually find a lot of challenging players in there too. And best of all I have not seen one UtH/OTK deck, very few neural foundation decks and overall just a better mix of Worthy Opponents.

The second part was changing my deck from being so much about winning and more about having fun. And it turns out I am winning more now than I was before, since I am not tracking W/L I am basing this off making 100 gold in like three hours of play.

The deck is based of Icarium's Mid-Range deck with some changes for balancing and some for fun (because games are suppose to be fun right?)

2x Wrath
2x Swipe
2x Claw (thinking of dropping one of these)
2x Keeper of the Grove
2x Druid of the Claw
1x Starfall
1x Starfire
2x Azure Drake
1x Bloodmage Thalnos
1x Acidic Swamp Ooze
1x Harrison Jones (same base mechanic as Ooze but a beefier minion with possible card draw)
1x Demolisher (fun card with great removal/trade potential)
1x Abomination (make them second guess that taunt removal with some board wipe help, or will bait out a silence)
1x Crazed Alchemist (turn that 0/4 Shieldbearer into 4/0. And watch him disappear, or turn Ysera into 12/4 and drop here with a low cost minion, or flip a Bloodfist Ogre into BGH range)
1x Mind Control Tech (mostly for fun as the random element doesn't always work out to the best result, but pulling someone's Onyxia today out of a field of Whelps then Swipe on them dropping all Whelps and using their Ony to win the game was awesome)
1x Cenarius (has been performing quite well for me lately)
2x Argent Commander
2x Harvest Golem
2x Faerie Dragon
1x Defender of Argus
1x Big Game Hunter (this is my boomstick)

Thinking of dropping a Golem for a Wild Pyromancer. Would love a Tinkmaster for this deck. Even considering Gelbin for the fun randomness.

I think part of its ability to win is confusion. People aren't used to seeing some of these cards and it may throw them off their game a bit. Not sure but it amuses me.

Any other cards with fun, interesting mechanics you can suggest?
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I really enjoy faceless manipulator in my fun decks, you could swap him out for a claw, mind control tech, or even that crazed alchemist. All super-fun cards, but faceless manipulator come on :D <3
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