Meta making Explosive Trap useless?

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I have started to notice great increase of play from Shattered Sun Cleric and Defender of Argus. Both of these cards are something that are usually used to buff minions in early game if the enemy sees that i have played a secret to counter his 2 health minions. Sometimes they'll just skip attacking on turn 3 and wait for turn 4 to do DoA. Now when they got 3 x 3 health minions they get hit by ET but everything stays on the board. I have wasted a card and a turn to counter their cards but effectively get nothing out of it.

Don't get me wrong, i'm not crying for nerfs of these cards as i think they are great and should be used as they are. It's good play on their part for not running head first in to my trap. What i am saying is that i'm a bit lost how to counter this. And no, ET is just fine as it is and i don't think it should be changed. For 2 cost card it's really effective.

Explosive Trap has been something of an auto include for my decks. It's something that has pretty much always been a value card as i also usually run Eaglehorn Bow. It's also the only true AoE that Hunters have so you pretty much need to have it. But still it's not doing the job i need it to do anymore.

I personally think that i should try the Wild Pyromancer again. Other way is to start running Multi Shot again, but i have some problems relying on that card as it's random if enemy has more than two creatures and you can't use it if they only have one. It also suffers from the fact that if enemy has 4 Health minions (also 3 health buffed up) the card just takes stuff to 1 health and i can't finish off them easily.

Northsire Cleric is also a card in general that is a complete headache for Hunters if you don't manage to get EHB early on... I probably should just start running 2 Faerie Dragons.
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Currently at Masters 2* while playing a hunter (not the gimicky UtH b.s) I've replaced both my explosive traps for other cards and I don't regret that after like 30 games where I got those cards instead of (theoretically what would've been) explosive traps.
That card just seem a little too bad and overrated by others really.
1. You're taking a risk by relying on it by giving your opponent a chance to prepare for it and make the best trade with it as he possibly can make, for example, buffing his minions and then keeping all of them (after you've left the field empty to make sure those minions will attack you and get hit instead of suiciding into all your minions first and then taking the damage).
2. It's a secret but it's oh so very much predictable on higher ranks, the best plays you can make with that trap existing is probably placing a different trap than explosive and make your opponent do mistakes based on thinking that it's an explosive trap :d
*Sure it's good for Eaglehorn, but then, you have got other traps to use for that anyway...
3. It's just 2 aoe damage that wouldn't even hit if you're not specifically hit by a physical blow, so to prevent your opponent from first using the minions he has that'd die from the trap's aoe to suicide on your minions and then activating the trap with just the last one he has, you'd have to keep your board empty, which is then a risk because he might just buff those minions and let them stay alive even with the trap blowing up on them, that leaves him with mass board control while your only clear didn't do jack to prevent just that (which is the reason I've lost a couple of games pretty miserably where I shouldn't have).

So yeah, imo, it's a bad card for its use and for its space as a card in your hand where you could've had something else like multishot or explosive shot instead.
P.S: Though that's, of course, just my opinion about it.
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I have an idea. counter the counter.

you play explosive trap, so meta says they now wait for buff, and have multiple 3/3 creatures.

ok, swap in miss direction. maybe a couple of those 3/3s kill each other :)

as the meta changes so does the value of any card that relies on the enemy to activate it. that having been said all the traps cost the same. watch how people react to it being played, and change to compliment the most seen mind set. hell one day maybe frozen trap counters blessing of kings will be the play lol
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