Death Wish Removed

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Little surprised about the decision to remove Death Wish completely. It helped give structure and direction to the Armor style Warrior deck as an alternative to the enrage deck style.

I realize that there is still Shield Slam however there were subtle differences that give reason to bringing Death Wish back.

- Death Wish removed armor forcing the Warrior to weigh the choice of defense or offense.
- The attack was only gained for one turn which led to exciting late game turns and possible game changers.
- The armor removed was added to the Hero as attack forcing choice again to take reciprocal damage when hitting a minion, or a way to hit the enemy hero with that stacked up armor.
- Allowed a stronger play for Warrior's to "D-up" until they were ready to make a big armor/Death Wish swing, forcing the opponent to choose to either keep the Warrior's armor low or focus on minor clear.

I really hope to see Death Wish make a come back. Thanks!
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sounds cool, but might be hard to balance such a card. I would hate to see our hero ability have to take a nerf to make this possible...
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With the way Warrior can stack armor, Death Wish could occasionally trump Pyroblast...

Just a tad insane for 2 cost, especially when it meant the Warrior could suddenly end the game because they played an early Armor Smith / Shield Block, and the opponent had other minions to deal with.

Maybe if it were like Arcane Missiles or Avenging Wrath, and had a bit more risk...

Death Wish, 2 cost:
Your hero loses all armor. Deal damage randomly among enemy characters equal to armor lost.

Makes it a little less of a "sure-kill" unless you've worked hard to clear their board.
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Bring this back!
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Bring it back!!
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Don't necro, and there's no particularly good reason for a card like this to exist in the game.
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Bring it back!!!
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