Mana Growth Deck Ideas

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Anyone ever try this, what does their deck look like?
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There might be similar decks posted, but I don't look at the forums much. Anyway, I've been having a lot of fun with this deck, so I thought I would share.

A mana growth deck is my favorite deck so far. I only got the beta about a week and a half ago and i've earned around 10-12 packs from arena.

I am currently in 1 star masters.

With some legendaries and more big cards, this deck could be a lot better, too.

My favorite part of this deck is playing against mages (which there are so many of these days, and I think I win about 85% of my games against them). When you get good card draw, you sit there for the first 3 turns mana growthing and the mage sits there going "You didn't plan any minions for me to frostbolt... herp derp" Then, mages have to start using spells at much less value to try to deal with your 8 mana minions on turn 5.

My (budget) mana growth deck (I call it 'Big fun")

innervate x2
Claw x2
Power of the wild x2
Wild Growth x2 .
Novice Engineer
Healing touch x2
Keeper of the Grove

Now, the rest of the deck is just the biggest and most efficient cards I have.

Strenglethorn Tiger (The stealth is great against mages)
Venture Co. Mercenary
starfire x2
argent commander
Boulderfist Ogre
Lord of the Arena x2 (You can often play these 6 mana taunts on turn 4-5, keeping you from losing to fast decks)
Ancient of Lore
Ravenholdt Assassin
Stormwind Champion
Ironbark protector x2

Claw is to kill stuff early while you are using Wild growths
Tip: At 10 mana, wild growth turns into "Draw 1 card" for 2 mana
Naturalize is for those games where they have a 2/2 taunt blocking your 8/8 from attacking to win you the game or for any emergency removal
Healing touches are to counter fast decks. You live past turn 5, then you can put down your 8/8 taunts

Alarm-o-bot: Having a hunter rage quit after turn 4 8/8 treant is worth it, plus, most people waste removal to kill this card, which is 1 less removal card for your big creatures)
Keeper of the Grove: 2 damage to kill early minions or a silence, both useful for the deck. I only have 1 of these cards

Nourish: If it is turn 6 or later, I usually only use this card for card draw, but it is the coolest feeling when you have coin and draw innervate, innervate, Nourish turn 1
FYI: Nourish gives you 2 mana that turn, so you use 5, and get 2 back.

Aggressively mulligan to try to get wild growth.

Great win rate against Mages, good win rate against other classes. Horrible against Priests.

The only really problem I've had with this deck is Priests. It is really really hard to beat a good priest with this deck.

However, Mind control being nerfed to 10 mana should help a little.
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You have problems against priests?

The only time I have problems against priests is if they pull both Word:Deaths and Mind controls early.

I use a less on a budget big guy list for my alarm-o-bots, 3 giants, alextraza and an illidan with sunbreakers/lords of the arena.

You can really mess some people up with this deck.

Innervate+Alarm-o-bot+Heavy is the most hillarious starting hand ever. I've had people quit turn 2.
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He probably loses to priests because he doesn't run druid of the claw. Priests can be a problem because they have insane draw power and can often draw their key cards very quickly. But if you tweak your deck you can kill them pretty consistently. The key is having the right 4 damage minions. So spell breaker, yetti, druid of the claw, are in the 4 damage sweet spot that makes them immune to the shadow words, but not high priority enough to be mind controlled. The result is that the priests have a hell of a time dealing with them. If you draw 2 druid of the claws, you have an extremely high chance of victory. Just turn them into the charge version and claw away at his face before turn 8.
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This deck is VERY situational ... I played 4 matches with it and lost every one of them. I understand that I was a victim of bad RNG on all of them, but by the time I was able to actually play anything substantial, I was very low health. I had more success with my druid murloc deck ... which is still one of my most fun to play :)
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The deck I'm currently running has a few more cards, but I only started a few weeks ago so most of them you can get with a little crafting if you really like druid.

What Monky said about nourish is absolutely right. Even when you're at 7 and have an azure drake in your hand, don't be afraid about not getting card value, being able to cast your spells is more important(with this deck at least). There are a lot of ways to draw more cards in this deck.
This isn't as explosive of a draw as alarmobot like Monky's deck above, but once it does get the mana going, it can deal w/ most anything.
The reason there aren't 2 Gadgetzan Auctioneers is because I'm afraid to start getting fatigued when my opponent still has 10 cards left in their library. Also, there's a cool trick to wild growth with 10 mana, draw a card from that. Cast the excess mana card you get, draw 2 off that(one from the auctioneer, one from the card itself.)
Masters 2 Currently.
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