Does Starving Buzzard really need a nerf?

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Starving Buzzard is now a 2/1 (was a 2/2)

At some ranks, Hunter was a bit strong versus Druids, Mages and Rogues. This change to Starving Buzzard will help even the playing field against those classes in particular.

So what now? Isn't this going to make the classes that were even on the playing field with hunters a bit strong versus hunters now?
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This was the worst change Blizzard has done in the last several patches at least.

This card is the only Hunter card that gets you to draw additional cards and now its useless. I mean the biggest problem I have with Hunter is that it tends to get out of steam by 6 mana points and you are left with only 1 or 2 cards, while your opponent has a bigger hand and you lose because you are out of options and this is with the Starving Buzzard at 2/2.

Now with this change Hunter is going to be even weaker and its already the weakest class. I mean there is no weaker class than Hunter and they made it worse.

Just completely uncalled for change, ask anyone and they will tell you that Hunter is weakest, I mean all the top Hearthstone players have talked about this from Kriparrigan, Artosis, you name it and all have said that Hunter is the weakest.

Why the nerf to this card? The one card draw and its now made useless.
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You can't compare buzzard to other cards because it is a beast.
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Yea, anything with one health against mage, druid, and rouge are useless. Really hate this nerf
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They don't even have notes that this card was nerfed. It has seriously gimped my hunter deck :\
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short answer, Yes... I think the nerf is fine. The card is a 2/2 for 2 that in late game can give huge card advantage. Almost no one plays this as a 2 drop card, if you hang on to it and have a fair amount of small beasts, late game this can still be a force. Now it just gives (druids and rogues) a chance to ping it. I would include mage in those two aforementioned classes but only because it's a 1 damage access hero ability, but the aggro spell mage is so far ahead and in another class of the current meta game, the hunter can't even be mentioned in the same breath when talking about "fairness" when pyroblast, freeze options, anti big combo death options with iceblock, and fireball all exist at such low cost. Mage is already strong, and even if you play smart with a high health taunt, you can't save the buzzard for more than a turn vs mage now
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I don't get why blizzard had to nerf buzzard. Now hunters will be forced to play other drawing minions that costs 2 or less rather than playing a 5 mana buzzard that is possible to die even before you can draw something from it.
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09/11/2014 08:18 PMPosted by Rekt
I don't get why blizzard had to nerf buzzard. Now hunters will be forced to play other drawing minions that costs 2 or less rather than playing a 5 mana buzzard that is possible to die even before you can draw something from it.

They nerfed it because it destroyed any form of low-HP aggro deck, most forms of midrange and made hero abilities meant to hold a classes early game, into a liability, causing classes such as Shaman and Paladin to go completely extinct in the wake of Huntards dominance.
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Personally, for me, the nerf was necessary. It's kind of difficult to win a game without a minion or two but even then putting one more minion on the field risks your opponent to use Buzzard/UTH combo which ends up more in their favor as they may draw easy removals like HM, MS, KC, FT, etc.

Even at a 5 cost 3/2, you can still pull a UtH combo though this time you'll need to pretty much wait a turn to use your cards since hunters had so much breathing room before with 5 mana crystal leftover.

Current hunter:

- if you play too many minions, you get Buzzard/UTH
- if you play too little, they FT/HM/MS
- too much board control with traps like Misdrect, Snipe, Explosive with the occasional Eaglehorn
- too much removal, MS, ES, KC with AS sometimes
- easy cycling with flare, draws card and destroys ALL of your opponents secrets on the field
- the very popular SH and HM combo
- why does SH spawn two +2/+2s
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What about mana tide totem? 3 mana and a card at the end of each turn? all the draw a card spells for rogue? please.
Honestly, this nerf has disgusted me so much that I have uninstalled the game.
I played every hero and hunter is the one that I enjoyed the best. This nerf is typical of blizzard.
Blizzard doesn't care of course that one player leaves.
But this is what they do with every game that they touch...just ask anyone who played vanilla wow or even burning crusade...many left when the lich king showed up...because they destroyed the game. Made it all about pwning and not about actual fun play.
Hearthstone sucks now, just as wow does as well. (pandaren? come on!)
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Really really stupid nerf. Played hundreds of games and when the Hunter gave me problems, it was almost never due to the UTH+Buzzard combo. Seems like players who don't know much or aren't willing to play the game just want to see the classes other than their favorite class get nerfed into becoming obsolete.

I understand nerfing Leeroy and didn't mind too much, but this is just ridiculous.
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I get thay having it at a cost of 1 with 2 attack 1 HP AND that ability is kind of redick in terms of justifying the use of other 1 cost cards for a Hunter but 5 COST!!! and only a 1 and 1 increase :P that card is probably the worst hunter card in the game now :P

It also destroys the Scavenging Hyena build as it is a high cost card that forces you to waste lots of mana to get extra cards. SO you can not combo play it unless you are much later in the match. I think at 5 mana they should change it to "Draw a card for every beast or 2 beasts in your field and every beast you play after.

Honestly though as people have said I am just going to ditch all my hunter decks in exchange for new mage or druid decks.
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I made another hunter deck and got from 14 to 11, but after that rng (rly worst draws) hits me and return me back to 13.
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