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I'm working on a warrior deck, and am looking for all input! it's mainly about charge, and i am having some trouble getting everything to work, so any advice would be great! I am fairly new to this, so go easy on me, lol.

charge x2
inner rage x2
fiery war axe
cleave x2
heroic strike x2
amani berserker x2
bluegill warrior x2
cruel taskmaster x2
frothing berserker x2
raging worgen x2
arathi weaponsmith
kor'kron elite x2
arcanite reaper x2
windfury harpy x2
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Fiery War Axe and Arathi Blacksmith are among the strongest cards Warriors have, so I'd definetly run two of each. Warsong Commanders seem superior to charge.

Add some of the better neutrals, too. Either Loot Hoarders or Novice Engineers to get some draw power and Ironbeak Owls to get around pesky blockers and stuff.
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I would only take 1 cleave, most of the time it will only be useful early game and people can counter it by just not playing 2 creatures, you should take a whirlwind instead. I would only run with 1 charge and take a warsong commander instead, if you can keep it alive your oponent gets destroyed next turn, you can also keep it for late game and do a surprise drop with Warsong Commander and Windfury Harpy. I would also recommend you remove the bluegil warriors and take 2 battle rages, as you already got whirlwind and cruel task master to damage your own creatures this can give you massive cardraw. if you have and upgrade you should replace the wolfrider with it, 1 health minions aren't very good and wolfrider just counts as a 3 cost removal in most cases.
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One simple tip.
Run minions with charge (kor kron eliet, wolf rider)
run charge that give charge to other cards(warsong commander, charge)

If you run both its kind of like trying to fight while standing on your own toes. you are not making the best use of the room you have.

enrage creatures are fun, but they are a combo synergy unto them selves. charge cards are a separate combo synergy. in your current deck you can make huge plays, but require the right cards and invest a lot of cards into a single creature. if it gets removed you loss your investment. try to commit to one synergy and build around it solely. you will get more consistent results.

I agree with the two fiery war axes idea. every warrior should have 2 end of story. best card in the class.

you need some card draw. NEED card draw lol. if you are willing to bring in some higher health creatures battle rage will take you far. if not you need to start running shield block and novice engineer. gnomish inverter is meh either way. but I bet you have to top deck a lot right now.

Don't top deck, card draw.

try this stuff out and come back to us. We all love to talk.

sorry if I sound pushy lol. I just remember being there.

good luck and do what is fun for you. remember, victory is the mistress of those who have faith in what they are doing.
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