just beat Reckful

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My control deck just beat reckful's blizzcon mage deck, good job druids, keep up with meta busting
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Druids are overpowered as hell when played with the right deck, just like most other classes. BIG WHOOP.
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Nice. I ran into a few Mages which ran Freeze, Blizzard and other forms of delay. Save up for that direct damage then GG. It can be beaten which I have on occasion but basically you have to kill every one of their minions, trade if you have to do not let them damage you because they will have to spend an extra spell or 2 to deal damage directly and that means you will get an extra turn or 2 to finish the job.

Note...mulligan your whole hand for low drops/claw or a Swipe to make sure they don't get early damage against you and if you have any extra crystal activate your ability to build up your armor. 3-5 armor over the coarse of the game with claw and ability can mean a difference between a W and an L. Hell I'm even thinking of playing Bite in a different iteration of the deck just for the extra armor so I can trade with one of their minions without taking damage and still keep board presence.

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I made both reckfull and kriparians mage decks, i find krip (alextraza/2pyro) to be much more strong...

the stalling is OP.
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I agree, if he had the right spells during his stall he could have whiped the board and nuked my hero all day... but fortunately that wasn't the case :) <3
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"Meta busting"? You do realize none of the decks from the Blizzcon Invitational tournament are viable for today's meta right? Look for managrind MLG tournaments winners instead if you actually want to do some "meta busting"
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I beat Reckful, Artosis, and Hafu.... who cares....

Stop posting threads bragging about who you beat, it is kinda pathetic. (not trying to be rude)
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