Building Brewmaster Bounce Deck. Need Help

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I'm working on a brewmaster control style deck using the rogue, since with shadowstep you could get quite a bit of replay out of many very useful battlecry minions, and it makes for potentially huge Van Cleef plays. However, I can't seem to get the deck into a working contraption and I was hoping for some tips on both deck building and playing it.

2 Backstab
1 Preparation
2 Shadowstep
2 Eviscerate
2 Ooze
2 Ironbeak Owl
2 Novice Engineer
2 Youthful Brewmaster
2 Perdition's Blade
2 Fan of Kinves
1 Van Cleef
2 Shattered Sun Cleric
2 SI7 Agent
2 Ancient Brewmaster
2 Senjin Shieldmasta
2 Assassinate
1 Sprint

Some ideas of where I'm going here. I feel like I could incorporate a Combo theme here as well and do pretty well. Main thing is I feel like there's a cool strategy here with the Brewmasters, Shadowstep, and minions that benefit from being played repeatedly. Bouncing and replaying an SI7 Agent is a neat trick.
Some considerations-Knife Juggler? Pint Sized Summoner? Questing Adventurer? If I go Knife Juggler, should I pull in Imp Master as well?

I'd really like your help here, as I think there's a really neat deck hidden here. We just need to find it.
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I would scrape the two sheildmastas and add in either the knife juggler or questing adventurer (or one of each!).

Just my thoughts, but I never really liked taunt minions
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yikes. with no taunt I fell like I'd kinda be a sitting duck :P
Guess I'd just have to lean on my control stuff harder. My real problem is that I have a lot of neat tricks but aside from VC no real knockout punch to deliver once I've got the upper hand
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I've actually been playing rogue bounce control for the last couple of weeks. I haven't been active in the tourney scene recently, but for master's league, the deck is great. Here's the list:

2 Backstab
1 Shadowstep
2 Deadly Poison
1 Blade Flurry
2 Eviscerate
1 Acidic Swamp Ooze
1 Bloodmage Thalnos
1 Sunfury Protector
1 Youthful Brewmaster
2 Perdition's Blade
2 Earthen Ring Farseer
1 SI:7 Agent
1 Gnomish Inventor
2 Spellbreaker
2 Twilight Drake
1 Assassinate
1 Azure Drake
1 Darkscale Healer
1 Spiteful Smith
1 Vanish
2 Agent Commander
1 Sprint

- you don't need to go overboard on the self bounce and risk then clogging your hand with nothing good to use them with. 1 Shadowstep, 1 Brewmaster, 1 Vanish works.
- my list has a toolbox approach, so a single ooze for weapons, a Sunfury Protector for double duty as a taunt and as a River Croc for matchups like Shaman, Darkscale Healer as a Yeti that counters Blizzard and helps set up unfair trades, etc.
- You need the healing from both Farseers. The deck has trouble stabilizing late game otherwise. Healing is more difficult to disrupt than taunt, and thus is preferable.
- Vanish is a bomb. Trade favorably in combat or deal some quick damage to the opponent, then make a big tempo play by bouncing their big guy and reset all of your battlecries in one swoop. Usually can swing a big Twilight Drake into something, then Vanish, so the Drake can return bigger and healthier than before.
- you'll win most matches just overwhelming the opponent with CA, but you have a bomb combo to finish things as well:
1) Spiteful Smith --> Perdition's Blade(targeting Smith) --> Blade Flurry = 8 to one target(with weapon swing), 4 to all others, a 4/4 installed on your board.
2) Spiteful Smith --> Wicked Knife --> Backstab(Smith) --> (optional Deadly Poison goes here) --> Blade Flurry = 6/3 or 10/5 damage, 14/7 if you already have a knife ready and 2 Poisons.
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hm. that's an almost removal-proof knockout punch. That's a really cool deck there. Were it me, I'd probably go 2 in either the brewmaster or Shadowstep, but that's probably just my paranoia kicking in. What do you guys think of VanCleef as a bomb play?
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I'm working with a similar idea. Keep in mind that i'm F2P.

1 Backstab (for early control and serves as a combo starter early on)
2 Shadowstep (for combo and other bounce mecanics)
2 Evisarate (control or face)
1 Acidic ooze (1 is ok with bounce)
2 defias ringleader (early pressure)
2 novice engineer (awsome draw with bounce. Also good for combo. Never play alone)
2 yourthful brewmaster (bounce basic)
2 perdition blade (removal. dont hesitate to hit minions with your face, there is many healing)
2 earthern ring farseer (awsome healing wiht bounce)
2 Si:7 agent (good control)
2 ancient brewmaster (bounce basic)
2 dark iron dwarf (surprise bounce dmg)
1 defender of argus (when there are problems on the board, plus great with shadowstep)
1 spellbreaker (great multiple silence with bounce)
2 assassinate (for those impossible to hit with the face)
1 faceless manipulator (for those juicy legendary)
1 nightblade (not sure about this one...)
1 stampeding kodo (great 2 for 1 minimum)
1 argent commander (great bounce dmg)

It works well for me, but i'd gladly take insights from other players.

I had problems with the ice mage lately (i dont know the name of the deck but there are a lot of them !), but i guess thats normal
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Remove senjin, sunfury is better :)
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Here is my TB bounce deck in action. It's quite hilarious. Too bad it loses 90% vs aggro.
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