grounding totem !!!!!

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Put it into the totem rotation for the shaman hero power. So it will get things balanced with countering unleash the hounds or all the lame spell heavy decks.
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Instead of hero power, I believe it'll be introduced as a 'secret' spell in the future with an ability something between Freezing Trap and Counterspell.
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Grounding totem used to be quite the important tool in the Shaman's arsenal in my WoW days. At the moment, i feel that the Wrath of Air totem is pretty underwhelming. Grounding totem is also an air school totem, would it make sense to switch Wrath of Air for Grounding ? I think it would give the Shaman a much needed utility/survivability buff, countered by the fact that Totemic Call is pretty RNG.
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what people dont seem to understand is that (assuming it works as it does in WoW) grounding totem available to the HERO POWER is REDICULOUSLY overpowered. if it was a seperate card to place then yes i would say make the card and balance it out. As it stands shamans hero power is already VERY strng and balanced by the RNG. spellpower totem weak? Im not sure what game you are playing dear sir/madam but spellpower is an amazing tool and not having to spend a deck slot on it is a boon.
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Is that a real card? When is it coming out? Seems like a crappy way to sell packs at a future time by making necessary cards not exist.

I am new to HS, but having played competitive shaman, in WoW am with no way to prevent pyroblast.

I don't understand why earthshock cannot interrupt, counter, and silence a mage temporarily. These were core defense mechanics that are just missing.
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A 0/3 wouldn't really help.
It would either be killed by a weaker spell making room for say a pyroblast or be a dead card.
What about an ability called grounding: All abilities must target this minion, with a cast on all friendly minions for 2. (Works both ways to balance the low cost)
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@BMtheDM: Spell power isn't weak, i find WoA totem weak. It's a 0/2, 2 mana cost dice roll. It can be hit with no repercussions, and when you need it the most it's not there. Most of my opponents choose to ignore it. At least Grounding would put them on their guard.

As a card, it's like Shaunus says, it's weak and just delays the inevitable.
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If Grounding totem is added to this game in the future it should just be a 2 mana 0/3 totem with "Enemy spells must target Grounding totem". This will be great to protect you or your minions.

You are all talking about mages. The goal is to just drain them from as many burn cards as possible. It may be inevitable to eat a pyroblast, but if this totem buys you 1 turn so you kill the mage with bloodlust...

Key is to make cards which are not overpowered. It is better to implement stuff which is slightly underpowered, because sooner or later combo's will be discovered and (almost) every card will find it's use.
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It seems to me like a Grounding Totem and a Tremor Totem (removes Silences and/or Freezes) as Secrets could be really strong. I'm not sure that having another totem that we'd want to drop out instead of a more useful minion is a good plan.
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It should be added as a secret IMO, similar to spellbender.
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