I've had a lot of success with it (Not ranked, i'm still not confident enough on shaman with all classes to take it to ranked Diamond yet, stilly poopy but w/e).

I'm not saying 100%, but definitely high 80s.

It's my first attempt at making a deck and I'm rather proud of it. I'm sure it has flaws, but I like it!'

    Forked Lightning [2]
    Rockbiter Weapon [1]
    Acidic Swamp Ooze [1]
    Bluegill Warrior [1]
    Flametongue Totem [2]
    Frostwolf Grunt [2]
    Feral Spirit [2]
    Hex [2]
    Lava Burst [2]
    Ironfur Grizzly [2]
    Mana Tide Totem [1]
    Raid Leader [2]
    Shattered Sun Cleric [2]
    Sen'jin Shieldmasta [2]
    Bloodlust [2]
    Fire Elemental [2]
    Lord of the Arena [1]

I don't have all the Shaman cards, and some of them I've been able to craft one or two, but I'm keen to get the Shaman legendary, it looks pretty badass! :P