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So I was lucky enough to pick up a few Legendary cards, including Deathwing, which I couldn't bring myself to disenchant, and a golden Cairn, which I immediately traded out for Ysera since I already had a reg Cairn. Anywho, it seemed to me that druids possessed the unique ability to make an alarm bot deck work. Innervate.

Sure, it's a one trick deck, but there's nothing more satisfying than going second and staring at the following 5 cards in round 1:

Alarm o bot : 3
Innervate : 0 (+2)
Shield Bearer : 1
Coin: 0 (+1)
Ysera (or any of the other 7+ drop minions): Priceless

Clicking end turn on round 1 with a shield bearer guarding your alarm bot is pretty strong against most classes, and has lead to some outstandingly short games.

I know it's silly, but I've been winning my fair share of games with it, and having a good time in the process so I thought I'd check to see if anyone else is using something similar.

Basically 2 each of Innervate, Footmen, Shieldbearers, both Marks, Wrath, Swipe, Alarm bots and the rest heavy hitters.

It dominates early if you get lucky, or if you can stall your way into late game, it has a LOT of bang for the buck, but against anyone with a strong mid game you're in trouble.
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yep I made this deck with every legendary I have

8/8 Iron Barks
Mountain Giants


It's gone off a few times and is always funny. THought hey concede usually so I've never played a full game out to see if it's good or not
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im wondering if there is an easy conversion of the alarm bot play into something reliable. Maybe work with less overall critters and more control / nukes draws. So small taunts, nukes alarms and a few big critters. Maybe add in manawraiths to slow down the opponent's critters ?

dunno... just think this can actually work into a balanced deck that simply happens to have a small chance at a first or second turn uber.

2 innervates and a coin can produce a turn one illidan as it is, or a turn two ancient - so adding alarms into the mix just gives more fun options
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tossed together an attempt..... how about this.....

innvervate x2
shield bearer x2
power of the wild x2
wrath x2
nat pagel
novice engineer x2
healing touch
mark of nature
alarm o bot x2
swipe x2
starfall x2
starfire x2
ancient of lore
ironbark protector x2
molten giant

obviously season the large critters to taste based on your collection. nozdormu is the only dragon I've gotten out of a pack... though maybe he is perfect for this....

for now though im limiting the large critters to 8, and keeping all of the small ones limited to 2 mana card draws or taunts. (other than the alarms of course) Wondering if a second nourish would be really solid, and wondering about a few of the other selections, but I really like the concept. Warriors and hunters have their own gadget decks.... it's time for folks to start fearing the cheese of druids !
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too random, ull have better chance with Force of nature + Roar

with 1 minion on board you can easily do ~20, double the Roar with Innervate its ~30
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I'm currently using this deck in constructed -;33:1;60:1;131:1;221:1;238:2;241:1;258:1;266:2;282:2;425:1;464:2;474:1;480:2;495:1;503:1;532:2;539:1;548:2;620:2;633:2;

I originally created it as a gimmick with 2 alarm-o-bots, but switched to a single one when I started actually treating it like a competitive deck. 2 alarm-o-bots on the board swapping out with each other is silly. ^^
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