Thinking of trying an alarm-o-bot druid build

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Any suggestions? I'm thinking just stacking it with +crystal and innervates and hoping to turn 2 illidan/a giant.

Something Important I've noticed with alarmobot that dissapointed me is that even if the ability isn't a battlecry (I.E. Druid of the Claw) You still don't get it activated if you alarmobot the card in.

It seems like effect cards shouldn't lose their effect if its not a battlecry.
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there is discussion on this type of deck started on the "silly but effective" thread.

add some ideas and try some stuff out and report results.

you can do turn 2 illidan without a bot ... (turn 1 even) .. double innervate + coin
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I made two alarmo-bot decks yesterday. I first tried rogue since they have a lot of creature removal and conceal which assures that the bot will activate. It was ok, but very slow and would rarely work. Then I tried alarmo-druid since wild growth and innervate are able to get the bot out early and also work to get out my big creatures early even without the bot.

The druid deck works much better but is still not that great of a deck. The legendaries I have are Ysera, Gruul, and Malygos. I throw in a lot of creature removal like swipe, claw, bite, and even the 0 cost moonfires spells since with 9 mana, you can play Malygos and then cast two free 6 damage moonfires. Other than that I have two ironbarks and the 7/5 stealth guy and a Gadgetzen since I have so many spells. I have two wild growths, two innervates and two nourishs of course.

I got the dream draw for my druid deck once yesterday, it was beautiful. I went second and had innervate, alarmo, moonfire, and Malygos. I innervate-bot on turn 1, it swaps in Malygos turn 2 and I drew an ironbark. So I coin alarmo again on turn 2 and it swaps in the 8/8 taunt on turn three. Won the game easily on turn 4. This will very rarely happen though and the deck seems to be slightly less that 50% win rate for me in 2-star diamond.

Very fun deck though!
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I made a gimmicky alarmo-bot deck that ended up becoming my primary deck because it was fun to play. I think it synergizes really well with druid because the combination of mana growth/innervates and early control spells will let you get away with not having any low-cost minions in the deck.

As I got to higher levels of ladder, I found that super-early alarmo-bots stopped being a thing, because most of the classes were able to kill the alarmo-bot and the all-in wasn't worth it.

I still have one alarmo-bot in my deck, that I usually play later, ideally behind a taunter. It's useful for being able to play a spell and a minion in the same turn.
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Yeah, I get the alarmo-bots sort of contribute to the overall goal of getting to the big creatures as fast as possible and don't have to be the main focus of the deck. I do love me some turn 4 Yseras though, lol. I still think innervate/alarmo on turn one is really hard to stop. Not all races can deal with that and they need to have it in their starting hand even if they do.

This deck has huge trouble vs. Priest with their mind controls and such but is really fun to play. I need to craft or get in packs some molten and mountain giants as they have great synergy with this deck since you are often taking a lot of damage or holding on to a lot of cards.
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i had op starting hand today first player innervate+alarm o bot+ ironbark protector turn 2 ironbark protector is broken
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I like alarm botting into Deathwing. Since you are swapping minions, you keep your cards and your other minions. Very handy.
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I just built a pretty good alarm-o-bot druid deck that actually works very well. For early game removal I have claw and wrath. For small creatures I use novice engineer, bloodmage thalnos, and loot hoarder. To make sure i make it through the mid-game I have healing touch, bite, abomination, sylvanas, and FORCE OF NATURE which has saved my !@# so many times. For mana acceleration there is wild growth and innervate (I took nourish out because it's so hard to play). Then biggies are ancient of war, ironbark protector, ragnaros, deathwing, and sea giant (for lack of better giants). Deathwing is great card for the deck. If he is alarm-o-botted you don't have to discard your hand. And if you are in the late game hard-casting all your legends you play him last and your enemy will have already used all their removal hopefully and you clear the board. If you get lucky enough for your opening hand to be Innervate, Deathwing, and Alarm-o-bot... GG
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the bot is not good,minions effect removed and can't attack
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02/06/2014 10:36 PMPosted by Joey
the bot is not good,minions effect removed and can't attack

Because a 6 cost minion on turn 2 is only good if it can use it's battlecry...
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02/06/2014 10:36 PMPosted by Joey
the bot is not good,minions effect removed and can't attack

Turn 2 Baron Geddon, Ragnaros or Ysera.

HOW is that NOT good..??
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