Late Game Druid Control Deck

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Here is the second deck I generally play and get wins with. It's quite a bit of fun and a change from the usual golumn -> cleric -> Dwarf gameplay that most of my other faster decks run.

2x Innervate
2x Claw
2x Wrath
1x Bloodmage Thalnos/kobold
1x Big Game Hunter
1x Healing Touch
1x Tinkmaster
2x Swipe
2x Yeti
2x Ogre Magi
1x Nourish
2x Starfall
2x Azure Drake
2x Druid of the Claw
2x Starfire
2x Argent Commander
1x Ancient of Lore
1x Rag
1x Ysera

First let me tell you some substitutions you can put in if you don't have the legendaries. 2 Ironbark protectors instead of Rag and Ysera. You can an Ironbark down turn 6 agaisnt a rush pally or rogue deck, and they tend to forgoe removal. They will often trade 2 or 3 or 4 cards to kill it.

Ok, so how to play this deck? Well play it like a control deck. Counter what people play. Save AOE for killing mobs if possible. Yeti minions are usually a pain to deal with. Every so often you get the coin turn 3 yeti, or the turn 2 innervate + yeti. OR EVEN innervate + coin turn 1 yeti!

Turn one Yeti is awesome. It generally hits 3 or so times before it dies. bring health under 20 to start the game. But the deck isn't based on this.

The deck is based on having a card to deal with any turn. And for that we need card draw. Nourish + innervates hopefully allow us to keep card draw up and dish some minions or damage during our turn as well.

Healing Touches and Ancient of lore can be used to prolong the game agaisnt rush style decks. Getting A yeti and doing a heal can often be the amount of life you need before you get that AOE for the reset and win.

Tinkmaster is a late game polymorph. Always discard him if you draw him early. He should be used for drops that are coming late game, like Rag, or Ysera, etc. Things that Big Game Hunter can't take care of.

I've been having success with this deck, but at first I didn't think it would work. But it seems to gel pretty well some times. Even on terrible hand draws it seems to correct itself. Games are never short though.

Lastly, This just destroys priests. Everything is 4 attack pretty much. (tinkmaster bloodmage, and ancient + legendaries aren't but that's ok. Yetis and Ogres, and Drakes will destroy a priest if they can't deal with them.

If you need more siliences I would run 2 spellbreakers intead of ogres possibly.
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I have seen a very similar deck in hearthpwn. And I tried this myself. It is quite effective against priest, but fragile to hunter OTK.

Edit: I have once recorded a video of this deck. Not exactly same, but basically.
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