Key cards to a rogue deck success?

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Ever since I got into the beta Ive been feeling strongly for playing a rogue. Mainly since that was my go to character in WOW since vanilla.

I've been re adjusting my cards so many times, trying to think of everything ever since I started playing. Sometimes I can get a good start and beat priests with 0 damage taken at platinum three stars ( I know, not that high). Other times I get totally wrecked. Some people take all the rogue abilities. Some people don't think thats a good idea, and I agree. The rogue cards feel horrible.
Backstab is a somewhat decent card and I respect that, but shiv for 1 dmg a draw a card is horrible.

I had games when I first started playing where I would get nothing but hero abilities. And all of them are focused on minions and not hero damage. How frustating it was to face a mage, only to take two fireballs to the face, then when you finally drawn a good creature it gets A) Poly+ping'd B) Flamestriked or C ) frozen for 5 turns.

I havent good all the cards I want but Ive got quite a decent bunch. I was lucky enough to get hogger in a card pack today so Ive been trying to play him. I find the synergy with the task master and hogger to be amazing. As long as they dont have the power to kill hogger, but only the taunts you won the game.
I dunno. I'm not a pro card player. Ive only recently been interested in it and I understand the whole mechanic. Ive been proud of making my own decks that work, for instance on my warlock deck which pretty much won me 12 fights in a row without a sweat vs whatever annoying class you can think of. I feel like alot of you value Leeroy and shadowstep.
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Currently in diamond two and I get !@#$ on by people with 8 legendary drops in their deck. Tiresome
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Evis, backstab, scrubs, cold blood, deadly poison, and one of the weapons. I like perditions best.

Cold blood is probably optional, but a 1 mana 4 damage card is pretty good.
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Really depends on what type of deck you're going for. There's a few types that are successful right now:
Spell Damage (minions with the ability to increase your Shiv/Backstab/Eviscerate/etc damage)
Kithros' Buff Minion/Card Draw (Playing several minions to buff eachother while maintaining board control with efficient use of Rogue minion removal)
And Weapon decks (Using weapons to remove threats and sacrificing your HP to allow your minions to get through their line of defense)

For a Spell Damage deck, Shiv is not bad, don't underestimate the power of Draw a Card, it's the backbone of Hearthstone metagame. Eviscerate is extremely powerful. Headcrack is primarily useful in this type of deck. Fan of Knives for board clearing. Backstab is amazing.

Minion deck: Defias Ringleader in combination with cards that buff other minions such as Dark Iron Dwarves, Defender of Argus, and Shattered Sun Cleric can be annoying to deal with forcing your opponent to either use 2 cards to remove them, or suffer +6 damage. Cold blood isn't a bad choice for a lack of legendary cards like Leeroy and Van Cleef. SI:7 Agent is a useful card.

Weapon decks benefit the most from Deadly Poison, Perdition's Blade, Blade Flurry and some people use Assassin's Blade. AB is only 3 dmg but 4 Durability puts it in a useful category for me. SI:7 Agent

Cards NOT to play:

All of which are too costly for how situational they are.
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Cards NOT to play:

All of which are too costly for how situational they are.

11/21/2013 01:08 PMPosted by Cyxe

too costly

... ... ...

I don't... I don't even...
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lol right!
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preparation is costly in a way, considering how fast a rogue deplete her hand
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If you have Mana Addict/Questing Adventurer/VanCleef in your deck, Preparation can be !@#$ing brutal.

This was a "once in a life time" thing but let me paint you a picture:

Me against Paladin.

P1 : nothing
M1 : Coin -> Gnomish Engineer-> Shadowstep -> Gnomish Engineer

P2 : Hero ability
M2 : Mana Addict, Kill opponent minion with Gnomish Engineer

P3 : Some 3/3 thing with Taunt.
M3 : Zap Taunter, Preparation, Eviscerate, Preparation, Sinister Strike, Sinister Strike. Gnomish Engineer & Mana Addict into the opposing Hero. That was 24 damage.

After that it's a struggle to not die since I had a 1/1, a 1/3 and 0 cards in hand.

Won the game on turn 7. He plopped down Illidan and had some big taunter thing up and got one of those flame elementals out. He had 1 hp. I had somewhere in the teens of HP and 0 minions, 0 cards in hand. Pulled a Shiv on my draw.

Felt pretty good.

God I want replays.

Of course, even with all that I'd say it's a stretch to call Preparation a "key card"... In fact I have a hard time thinking of any one card that every rogue deck absolutely must have. Everything depends on what else you are going for if you ask me...
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I run a version of Kithros card draw deck ( but I actually use sprint since if you don't have the win by turn 7 chances are you're in trouble and need a bunch of cards. Sprint solves this problem.
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