28/28 by round 5

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play gurubashi berzerker at round 4 with coin.

round 5 play 2x divine spirit = now he has 3-28 + inner fire now he has a 28/28

you have to be prepared for these drops, save all your goodies, even if u beat this 28/28. the priest probaly got some silence waithing + mc.... its abit absurd.. isn't priest supposed to be a slowkiller.....

Why does MC last forever?
Mind-control dont last forever in wow.!So why does it last forever in hearsttone???
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Okay, so you're saying this player had the perfect hand of Coin, Gurabashi Berzerker, Inner Fire, Divine Spirit, Divine Spirit. Meanwhile, this entire combo loses to 1 Silence, which is available from Spell Breaker on Turn 4, and Ironbeak Owl on T2 (Not to mention Earth Shock, Hex, Polymorph, Assassinate, Siphon Soul, Equality, Shadow Word Death, Naturalize, Execute, Deadly Shot, amongst other cards available on turn 6). If they were holding this all in their hand, and drew into this combination of cards, you should have been destroying them previously, and potentially be prepared to kill them after. Defender of Argus also buys you two taunts and a lot of attack power to continue trying to kill the opponent first.
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the problem he can make the play at will, so you cant cast a silence while he is doing this combo.!!!! there is no stopping it.
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It seems that some people need to play Priest, put these 'OP' cards in their deck, then see how easy it is to actually get this combo to work.

It's not. Funnily enough though, in a Priest mirror match I had a week ago or so, the other Priest played Nat Pagle, which I silenced. He then proceeded to buff it with Divine Spirit + Inner Fire to about 20/20 and destroy me. It was not even turn 8 yet, and though I had a tank in play, I had not yet drawn Shadow Word: Death or my Big Game Hunter. On subsequent turns, I still could not draw any removal, and I hadn't yet obtained Mass Dispel to try and silence it again. I lost.

He got perfect draw and my counter cards did not draw. That is just good luck vs bad luck. Nothing to come to forums crying about.
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What is said above is 100% true - these combos are hard to come by. I've got 350 wins and about 60 losses in ranked constructed and am yet to lose to such a play (largely because people realise at higher ratings how unreliable it is to rely on such a combination of card).
In the past I've buffed mana addicts to 26/3 on turn 4 through incredibly lucky card combinations in the form of shadow step, abusive sarge and cold blood, but this is not a reliable form of victory, it happens once out of a very small number of games.
The reason it's not done often is the same reason you see fewer and fewer UTH hunters the higher elo you are - They just can't be relied on to pull off good damage for the win every game.

You're far better off thinking "Wow, lucky bastard, oh well - on to the next game." and enjoy it not happening again for another 80+ games.
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Only losers who play priests, defend them. EVERYONE knows this class is bull, but blizzard loves their priests and mages, look at wow. This class will be overpowered forever.
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What did you do against his Gurubashi? What were your plays? What was your board?
How does he have 4 cards specifically for a turn 5 combo and you have none? You have no answers to a Gurubashi?
Maybe rethink your deck?
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Yea, if you were "overwhelmed" by this combo, you should rethink what removal you have available in your deck. Pierce7d did a good job of listing the easier ways to deal with the gurubashi. Also, in order for him to have pulled off this combo, you would need to consider the number of cards he was holding on to to do this combo (and if you consider that he drew into one of the cards for the combo), it means you essentially watched him play into this combo. You had a whole turn to get rid of the gurubashi, but didn't. At the very least, you know to quash the threat of this combo by getting rid of this minion now.

Also, on mind control: this game is "based" on world of warcraft. If you logic was true, then hex and polymorph wouldn't be permanent either. Also, why the heck would polymorph allow you to still attack as a 1/1 sheep while hex gives you taunt? These are just the way the developers decided that the abilities of classes would work out in this game. If they were to try and keep this game as loyal to WoW as possible, then you'd go down a slippery slope of technicalities that'd just ruin this game.
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I was in a Priest mirror match a few days ago, was getting beaten down. Turn 8 all I had no creatures in my hand, so I said F it and Mind Controlled his Gurubashi Berserker. Next turn PW: Shield, Divine Spirit x2 + Inner Flame = 36/36 1 shot. Not a reliable strategy, but oh god did it feel good
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11/20/2013 08:03 AMPosted by Fame
Only losers who play priests, defend them. EVERYONE knows this class is bull, but blizzard loves their priests and mages, look at wow. This class will be overpowered forever.

!@#$ this logic, bro.

Anyway, any Priest rely on this combo won't get pass Silver/Gold Rank, and who thinks it's OP is also clueless. I don't need to defend anything, Blizzard has data and they know Priest isn't OP at high level nor fan-run Tournament, no, not even close to top 3 classes. So noob can keep crying if it makes they feel better.
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just leaving it here
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The only priest spell in my deck for buffs is power word shield, the rest take up card space for better cards, what is the point of a double health when I can have a extra taunt or a argent commander in my deck.
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