WTF is up with card stealing?

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I really like Mind Vision and Thoughtsteal. The RNG is what makes these cards interesting in my opinion. And it's so funny to use their cards to beat them. I've never user MC though, I think it's too cheesy (no RNG).
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11/17/2013 07:46 AMPosted by Vaxity
I play Priest mainly and honestly I don't like Thoughtsteal that much nor do I include it in my decks. It's completely random as to what you can get - may it be a solid awesome card that you need for the next turn or something you can't even use like Deadly Poison.

This is funny because I play a Priest steal deck and in one game I actually ended up taking a Deadly Poison and a weapon from the enemy's deck and then proceeded to wrecked shop with the OP combo of a Weapon Priest! It was awesome.

Also there have been many many games where I've stolen rag and ysera from the enemy deck. Steal decks are tight.
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I use 2xthoughtsteal vs a hunter. Got a vultue, unleash the hounds, a crokolisk and multi-shot. Let me put it this way: it was nice to give the hunter a taste of their medicine.
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I spent most of tonight stealing cards, making people look stupid with their own cards (throwing out combos a priest should never be able to play), and generally wreaking havoc. Oh? you finally cleared the board and played your big cards? I'll just mind control that too. Double, Double, max attack equal HP, dead opponent.

Its hilarious but priest decks need some kind of fix.
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11/17/2013 09:07 AMPosted by Anubis
It is ridiculous when they start drawing cards meant for other classes that turn their own cards into unintentional OP cards

That would be an accomplishment considering most priest class specific cards are crap and easily countered.

Priests have nothing that synergiezes with weapons or weapon buffs, secrets, tribes of any kind (murloc, demon, beast, pirate) and have pretty terrible buffs that generally require 3 or more cards to do damage (divine spirit needs inner fire, etc).
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For me the cards I get from thoughtsteal are a bonus, the whole point is to tell me what kind of deck he's playing and potential future cards. Also what cards are unlikely to be in his hand at the time as well.

The amount of knowledge thoughtsteal can grant you is amazing. Knowing you're playing a control warrior for example over an enrage warrior will keep you saving the shadow word deaths instead of burning them on a yeti you flipped with mad alch to kill it.

But knowing you're playing against a mid range druid means you're more likely to burn those on the dotc or ancients of lore.
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Don't you people feel that you are losing momentum with this play? You could have played something useful during that turn instead of hoping for some awesome card copy.

It's the same with shadowform, yeah the new hero power is great but that's 3 mana not being used for board control.
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I play that stuff mainly in casual play. And there it is a lot of fun. Mind Games produces a Ragnaros in turn 4. I opponent quitted :)
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Mind Vision is a waste, IMO. You play a card and you get a card. There's no advantage to that. You gain a tidbit of information as to what your opponent has in his hand, but that is rarely useful.

However Thoughtsteal I like. It's basically like Mage's Arcane Intellect except you're copying cards from your opponent instead of drawing your own. There can be some interesting results, but usually card draw is the only real benefit of it. The thing is a good Priest deck has its own synergies, and drawing randomly from another deck is usually not going to result in cards that have synergy as good as your own. Off the top of my head, I can't really think of any cards from other classes that create an OP combo with Priest cards.
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lel, typical nub who thinks Mindvision/TS is actually useful 100% of the time. I bet you also think Mindgames is OP too..

Mindvision is good played late game to yank high tier cards only.
Thoughtsteal just blows, cant play it at all in ranked as it bites your !@# every time. Maybe 1/5 times i play this card itll net me a decent card.
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Please, sometimes I get cards I can't even use because I don't have a weapon...

It's random, and fun- Maybe you should play a priest and realize it's not that bad.
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I believe the problem for most of us hating on priest THoughtsteal/Mindvision, mainly thoughtsteal, is that yes, for priests mains, it doesn't always work out that well, But I have lost about 8/10 of my last VS priest games because they Thought stole Tirion, or BoK, or Truesilver. Not because of anything else he did, but simply because he pulled My Cards from My deck. With Mirror entity, you can test for it, with Mind control, they blow and Entire turn worth of mana on it. With MC Tech or SYlvanas, there is a random element and you know RIght away, With thoughtsteal, you don't know, not only do you have to anticipate every common priest card and combo, even out there ones, you also have to think 'does he have my flamestrike?' 'Does he have my Garrosh' 'Does he my *insert whatever Either singularily Strong card, or High combo potential card you have here*' Because untill you Know what the priest Did take from you, that gives them an edge because you're worried about your own deck too, It either leads to sub-optimal plays, for example avoiding using hand of protection to protect a minion post trade to force sub optimal hero power usage/Trading to get rid of it, so that they don't get the 6/6 blood knight you know is in your deck, or avoid playing your Ancient of War because you know you run black Knight and if he got it.

TL:DR Not only does it give the priest knowledge about your deck's design, as well as what you might not have in hand, especially if they get a Legendary, but it effectively doubles the amount of potential cards and combo's you have to worry about playing into, especially right away after playing it, and it is simply un fun to lose to your own damn cards.
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Back to naxxramas with you Kel'thuzad.
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Today priest kiled me with 2 mindblasts and my soulfire, silly me thinking i am fine with clear board...

Molten giant+shadowfury anyone?

Or siphon life cuz their cheap 3mana spells that just killed the firt two giants isnt enough. And then play their own stolen ones ofcourse.
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Haha no brainer hunter/warlock sare mad
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Thats still way better than the absolute bull!@#$ I had to put up with this evening. Played as a Mage for a while (Secret Type). Absolutely dominated the game vs. a Priest. But the Priest being what he is the game dragged on due to him literally running every heal and steal spell there is. Finally, must have been turn 12ish, I have complete board control and a fireball left in hand. He is at 12 life, 4 cards in hand, I did the math in my head - no matter what cards he still has my board can deal with it. Certain lethal next turn.

Thoughtsteal........FLAMESTRIKE.......WHHHHAAAAAAATTTT....!!!!!!!!!! cvbisbdih%$&/("§
And that lost me the game. I mean really??? Against a Priest its not enough to consider all the Priest cards they could run you literally have to consider playing against your very own deck as well. Thoughtsteal it the biggest bull%^-* card ever created right up there with the Mindcontrol the only difference being that MC is at least adequately costed for what it does. When playing highranking games on the ladder (this was rank 6) there is almost nothing bad you could ever ever get with thoughtsteal.

And to be honest this kind of rng just ruins the game for me. Its a mechanic which is totally unfun to play against, and gives the Priest access to plays he shouldnt have access to. Just yesterday a Priest stole my Equality/Concecration combo. Like seriously? I take the stress upon me to play Paladin as opposed to no-brain Hunter or Zoolock and this is what I have to deal with in exchange? No wonder everyone runs rush decks these days.
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I play priest 95% of the time, I admit I hate it when I play against other priests who use TS (and no my deck does not contain TS).
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"Cards you get are random, you can get bad cards" is not good enough argument to defend that card. Instead you should say: it is bad against aggro and excellent against control.

Priest has means to deal with aggro. Eventhough with 2 ts in your deck they might sit in your hand doing nothing against aggro. That's pretty much only downside to this card. Against control I have to say it is total bulls*it game winning card.

I counted bad cards in my control type of decks.My warrior deck has 2 possible bad draws: shieldslams. My midrange shaman has 2: chows, my ramp druid has 2: shows. The odds are at your side.

I have to admit that thoughtsteal is one of the main reasons why people find priests so frustrating to play against. Nothing is more annoying than getting owned by your own minions. Mind control is totally balanced though.
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hahahaha god its so satisfying to win as a priest when we have like 5 health left for 5 turns!
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yes, I am mad. It's a shame that 1 class has the ability to steal your cards and use them against you. not once but multiple times.

Any class can do that, using Lorewalker Cho.
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