Mid-Game Agro Agression Deck.

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2x Claw
2x Wrath
1x Ooze
2x Faerie Dragon
1x Healing Touch
1x Big Game Hunter
2x Harvest Golumn
2x Shattered Sun Cleric
2x Swipe
2x Dark Iron Dwarf
2x Keeper of the Grove
2x Starfall
2x Azure Drake
2x Druid of the Claw
2x Argent Commander
1x Black Knight
1x Ancient of Lore
1x Ragnaros

So I'm running this deck right now for testing purposes. I often find myself with a full hand or 3 or 4 cards in my hand and not able to do anything to a rush deck (lock or pally or rogue). This deck trades everything really well, and can be fast itself.

My major change is taking starfires out. I LOVE starfire, but the spell often takes a whole turn for me to play it. I tend to have so many 6 and 5 cost spells in my hand that it often doesn't swing board control over. Rather, it swings card advantage. And Really with Argent Commander, i often want to throw one out. My reasoning for Argent over starfire is because this deck is closer to aggro aggression than control/late game.

If I end up not liking this setup I'd swap the dwarves for starfire.

Big Game Hunter is your when rag is MC'ed.

Put a starfire in if you don't have a black knight or a Slyvannas in my opinion.

Play around with this guys. Let me know if you change some things and start seeing amazing results. I generally win with this, but just curious what other Druid players think/modify.
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Posts: 1,463
Well, i've had some really really great success with this deck tonight. 11-0 wins since trying it out. Much better than in recent nights. Beating 2 warlock decks (rush and control), Beating 2 blizzcon Net decks. Artosis' Pally control, and the alex + iceblock + pyroblast. And a bunch of rogue decks (odd to get so many in one night 5+).

Agaisnt pally control deck, I over commited forgeting about equality and lost my entire advantage. He's at 7 life and rapidly bringing me down from full life. He has full board of minions and I draw a rag. It's YOLO and I drop him and kill one 2/1 minion, leaving 6 on the board. Rag goes for the face and I win. he must have been pissed!

The mage I actually had so much preasure early I ended up killing him with 28 life + 5 armor. Well, I did heal up with healing touch.


Healing touch needs to find a way into our decks with the current meta. If you want to run this quasi-control deck we need to reset. Our deck gets strong turns 6+. Mage wasted 2 turns throwing fireball + ice bolt. IN 3 mana I could counter that, bringing my health back to healthy levels in the 28 range.
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