Pretty funny Hunter win...

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I was playing my hunter deck earlier today - it's one of my least-used decks, because the hunter just doesn't do much for me (never liked Green in MtG either). No offense, just my personal preference. Well, i have Win 2 with Hunter or Druid today, and I don't even have a custom druid deck atm, so Hunter it was.

First game, playing against a pally. I had a 5 mana card in hand, so mulligan'd it and got a Core Hound - insert profanity here. Start playing and on turn 2 i draw UtH. I'm doing alright, mostly just trying to play aggressive, keep pressure on him and board clear as best I can. I had 2 Razorfen Hunters down going into turn 6, and I managed to clear out his board and had him down to 16 life by the end of the turn. He goes and drops Guardian of Kings, heals up to 22, and ends the turn. My turn 7, I draw my second Core Hound - mind you, at this point I still have UtH in my hand. I play one Core Hound and hit him for 4 with my Razorfen Hunters, so he's at 18 and i'm at 25.

His turn, he takes his Guardian of Kings (5/6) and drops two Blessing of Mights on it (now a 11/6) and then Blessed Champion - turning it into a 22/6. He then hits me with his Guardian, so I'm at 3 and he's at 18, but he left my Core Hound up. He ends the turn. Goes to me, my turn 8... I drop my second Core Hound, play UtH and smash his face in with two 10/5 Core Hounds. GG!

(Yeah, just bragging, but thought I'd share my victory and post something here about having fun with UtH in a clutch moment as a change of pace from folks calling for it to be nerfed because of one combo.)
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Aye, just UtH'd a victory from against a hunter who had a massively better deck than me.

Was on my level 6 hunter for the win 5 as hunter/druid quest basically made out of basic & common cards.
Figured something was odd when he was skipping his turns. (He was 2nd, realized he was saving his mana coin for something big.)

Summoned a Young dragonhawk & harassed him with it for 4 turns. Caused him to later burn his swipe on me (literally as the target because I had 3 mobs with 1 hp on the field from harassing & denying him so hard.)

So I start burning my cards very aggressively & barely manage to kill his minions off before he takes advantage of their effects.

Pulled out an ironfur grizzly.
Forced him to bring out that 3 damage axe.
Managed to draw ooze on my turn & broke his weapon.
Basically kept him on the ropes the entire time.

Then of course, mid game came around & he's summoning a lot of of 4-5 mana cost mobs.

Had defender of Argus, buffed my first tiger & the ooze.
Drew a houndmaster & used it to buff the stealth tiger. Houndmaster died to Highmane & I pass with my 7/7 tiger.

Guy puts down Ysera....& has 14 life left.
I've only got UtH in my hand......
Hilariously I draw my 2nd Alpha wolf & I run the numbers. Realize it'll do 14 damage.
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