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Every class in hearthstone brings a number of unique concepts and deck styles to the game. It is necessary, and ultimately what makes the game interesting, and nuanced. At it's most basic level, hearthstone is a game of neutral minions with the character class deck cards coloring and flavoring the play style.

Druids bring a lot of flexibility to the table. They do this at a greater mana cost, however. They actually do mirror WoW druids in a lot of way, having the ability to perform melee damage, spell damage, and healing... all simply at a greater cost.

The truly unique mechanic that druids have relates to mana. We can grow mana crystals with nourish and wild growth. We can quicken our casting with innervate.

Innervate works fine... it provides a quick advantage at the cost of a card.

The growth of mana crystals simply doesn't work. These cards ONLY have any value if played early in the game. Nourish is rarely played for mana... frankly only when it is coupled with an innervate.

Mana crystals are capped at 10. Please remove this cap. It would add a new dimension of play to the game, and I really can't see it becoming horrendously unbalanced... it's not like you would be playing too many more spells in a round... it would simply allow druids a chance to do something like two starfires, or a starfall and a starfire in a single round (without the use of an innervate)

Mana growth is a really interesting component in MOST CCGs. The cap of 10 crystals makes mana growth largely irrelevant in hearthstone. It costs cards in your deck. Playing those cards costs mana, which invariably puts you behind in minion production, and the marginal advantage it brings is very temporary.
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Since this is the best thread that fits my post, I guess there is no need to open another one.

I thought a bit about the druid and some of its cards as well as the heroes ability and I somewhat came to a similar conclusion as the OP.

The Druid is the currently the only one having ramp-themed decks/cards but i don't think the hero ability is fitting that. So I thought about suggesting changing the ability into:

2 Mana - Gain an empty Mana Crystal.

Which essentially is Wild Growth. The 10-Mana-alternative needs to be changed because then it would be the warlock ability without the drawback. So I thought about:

Gain a mana crystal this turn only. (but you can't exceed 10 Mana)

I not too sure of this but it needs to be something different than draw a card at 10 Mana.

Fitting that ramp playstyle I would like to see at least one card to change into that direction:

Wisp - 1 Mana 1/1 - Deathrattle: Destroy one of your opponents Mana Crystal.

That way it would also be somewhat useful in a warlock deck that runs Felguard so it would even out the disadvantage of Felguard.

I just wish that Druid would be a bit better for Ramp decks but there seems to be some difficulties to play it that way and to have a good advantage over the opponent.
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