My control druid - Master 3 & top 50

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This deck doesn't seem that great. I've got a 0/4 win rate with it in Diamond. Granted I've got bad draws and my opponent has gotten the exact ones they needed, but it hasn't even been close matches aside from one. Unless I get all my draws in the exact order of their power growth I end up lacking moves until turns 4-5 and then my opponent has the board..

EDIT: Ended up going 1/5. My win came because the guy was using beast unleashed when he had one guy on the field. The deck kinda works if you get certain combos like Double swipe for double shield masters or a bunch of small guys with two bigguns (or one really big one), but overall this deck hasn't worked out in Diamond at all.
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@Copain im running a similar deck as this thread and doing fine in master3 so it must be you.
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To be honest I don't think Druid is the class to go to for a budget deck, the basic cards are just not that great.

Yeah... this is the conclusion I've reached too. I really enjoy playing Druid; it's probably my most played deck in constructed nonranked. But when I see the dirt cheap shaman/warlock/hunter decks that are also M3-capable... though I suppose maybe not top-50. This deck has 4+ legendaries and a bunch of epics! Meanwhile an aggro warlock M3 deck really only needs like 2-4 rares.

My biggest issue with druid is that my "removal" isn't removal, it's damage. The destroy-style removals are just so much stronger. Rogue/Priest (and even Hunter/Mage/Shaman) just make me so jealous when it comes to board control. Even strong-enough damage like starfire are so expensive, it's hard to gain tempo through (basic) spells. Naturalize might be the key but it's a little too niche for me to want to craft it.

On the other hand... I had a chance to use a Black Knight in an arena run, my only run over 7 wins (9-2), and that thing literally won me at least 3 of those games. So strong. I can see a druid doing much much better with a BK and a BGH, as imo that's what's really missing from the kit.

But, I'm really glad to see that a druid deck can be in the top-50. It gives me hope that I can eventually get to use it once I've played for a few months and earned enough cards/dust.
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Thanks for this , have really inspired me towards building something similar , but have only played this for 1 day so rly helped me towards understanding the strength of a druid :)
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