The Beast vs King Krush

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Which one do you guys think is the best and why?
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Tough call, but it's kinda apples to oranges.

King Krush is more or less a kamikaze card. By the time it's summonable your opponent will 9/10 have some sort of board removal/control to take care of him. So you can use him to take out a big taunting minion, or finish off your opponent. King Krush is best used as a late game finisher, but is severely limited because of its high cost, so it's kinda an all in move that shortens the game at those final crucial moments.

The Beast gives you far more options. It's lower cost means you can play some support cards, perhaps a houndmaster to turn it into a wall of death, or even an ironbeak owl to get rid of the 3/3 it'll give to the opponent.

Personally, I've been running Krush, but that's because I don't have The Beast. It's very effective, except against priests, because after they inevitably mind control it it retains its charge effect, which is usually enough to spell the end of the game for you. I will say this: King Krush is crazy intimidating to anyone who sees it. The last time I played it, the opponent had 9 health left and enough minions on the board to defeat me. When I dropped it, I attacked and reduced his health to 1, and sent my mouse over to the concede button. But before I could click it, they conceded to me!
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Both lol. Use beast early on with an unleash the hounds and then stall till krush comes out.. too ez
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