What do hunters have that can compare....

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..to a priest's ability to deal aoe damage while healing himself?
..to a priest's ability to randomly take control of your creature?
..to a priest's ability to never die to any low level card (but it's ok since they can die to high damage minions.. oh wait, mind control)?
..to a priest's card draw potential?
.. to a mage's ability to deal 4 damage to every minion on the board?
.. to a mage's ability to trade cost-ineffectively and still win games?
.. and the list goes on....

I guess we have good single/2 card removal.... And creatures that do damage.... And some traps that are not predictable or counterable at all. Did I forget anything? Oh, yeah, we have 1 "cheesy" strategy that includes "release the hounds" and involves not playing any minions till turn 8.

/balance /rant
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I feel you fellow hunter.

It's a sad state of affairs our hero Rexxar is in. If we don't run UtH, we're going to lose more games, period.

I think our primary problem is our over reliance on secrets. Our primary AOE and our best chance of card draw are secrets that anyone past novice will know how to counter.

Explosive trap will never result in a board clear, because a decent player knows to activate a trap before summoning new minions, especially low health ones.

Buzzard-snake trap when successful is the greatest thing in the world. But if a player sees a buzzard and a secret laid down, you might as well make the buzzard un-targetable by minions/weapons. And they're now NERFING buzzard to 2/1, guaranteeing it'll never see the light of day until post turn 4, and even then it's only going to ever get you 1 - 2 draws max.

We are also very vulnerable to AOE, as most of our strategies involve synergy with low health beasts.

Hunter's aren't terrible, but I would like to see some buffs come in after the UTH nerf (which, agreeably needs to happen). I would like to see the following:

Animal Companion needs to let you choose which beast to bring out (this may be OP, but I really like the idea).
Explosive trap needs to deal 3 damage instead of 2, or activate on minions as well the hero.
Buzzard needs to be changed to 1/3 at a cost of 2, or 1/2 at a cost of 1.
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11/15/2013 11:29 AMPosted by Hamsta
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Doing 20 damage in one turn by summoning a bunch of cheap beasts that buff each other then giving them charge
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