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Hello Hunters, nowadays I always see you guys and although I get my fair share of wins against you, there are some losses which I could say wasn't supposed to happen.

Hunter's specialized cards at the moment are just too strong early on for such low mana and just destroys anyone who hasn't rushed them or doesn't have a rush deck / enough taunts in the late game.

Lets see which cards are broken at the moment (or at least to my extent).

- Houndmaster, +2 / +2 with TAUNT!?

Seriously, this card is stupid. it can buff an early minion so much and only for 4 mana. If it was a +1 / +1 with Taunt then it would be fine for that mana cost or maybe bump the mana a little higher.

- Unleash the Hounds, +1 Attack Damage and Charge for all Beasts

With the proper deck optimisation, that rules out the argument of "Only Beasts benefit off this". Yes its a valid argument but its too strong at the moment. Maybe +1 Buff and not permanent would be nice or +1 but no charge or even just the charge alone.

- Snipe, Deals 4 damage to the minion your enemy has played. Secret

A bit strong but nonetheless Ok at some situations. Increase the mana a little. For that little mana you get a strong removal that is for free. Not many other cards can remove secrets as far as I could tell from playing this game so this is kinda of a bother.

- Savannah Highmane, 6/5 Minion for 6 Mana. Spawns 2 2/2 Hyenas when it dies.
(Love the Lion King reference. Keep it up!)
Only beatable if you could rush the Hunter down, this card is too strong of a Deathrattle. Combining this with Unleash the Hounds will cause minions to die or even you. Maybe getting the hyenas to 1/1 or maybe just 1/2.

- Multi-shot, Deal 3 damage to 2 random enemy minions.

Can't stress how many times I lost due to this card. It is such a strong removal and only for 4 mana. Although random, this card can easily wipe out many taunts or weaken them. Tone it down to maybe to 2 damage to 2 random enemy minions or increase its mana cost.

Well, that's pretty much my rant on Hunters. Please take this as constructive criticism and not just some whining. I do understand Hunters have to last until late game to pull off such combos but with how the cards are now, they can easily win both the early game and still set up good minions for their late game combos. Changes I suggest are Bolded and I hope you other Hunters can chip in and see what Blizzard decides.
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I looked at your streamed videos and it seems like (not completely sure) but you are rather new to the game. As it was said at Blizzcon, Hunters seem to do too well in lower tier games and they are nerfing the Starving Buzzard to 2/1 from 2/2. Unleash the Hounds will be looked at also but nothing has been revealed about it yet.

As what comes to Houndmaster, the card is ok. If you compare it to Shattered Sun Cleric that is 3/3/3 and gives a +1/+1 buff it seems amazing. Also SSC is atm considered as one of the strongest neutral cards. Still what is the reason none of my decks have Houndmaster while i pretty much strictly play Hunter on constructed? Houndmaster can only buff Beasts. This limits it so that the card can only be played in decks that run 10+ Beasts. This in the other hand means that you need to run deck full of bad Minions to have one great Minion.

Secrets all need to cost the same amount or you could see what secret has been played. Problem with Hunter secrets is that they are rather easy to figure out what it is. First you try to attack the Hunter. This will trigger 3/5 secrets. Then if it didn't trigger you play a cheap minion or something with good Battlecry or Divine Shield. If it then didn't trigger it's Snake Trap. With this you can avoid majority of damage that the Hunter secrets can do.

Savannah Highmane can be a really good card. Biggest problem of him is that there are so much better 6 mana cost cards that he isn't anything special. Having Silence against him is really good. Good thing to remember is to remove the key beasts off the board before you go after SH. Starving Buzzard and Scavenging Hyena both get great value if SH is killed so that the Hyenas spawn. He actually looks better when you look at it than what he actually does in game.

Shamans have a spell that does 2 damage to 2 random Minions. It costs 1 mana and 2 Overload. Warriors have Cleave that does 2 damage to 2 random Minions and it costs 2. Multi-Shot is good but it's in line with the other random removal cards. It's good to remember that none of these cards can be played if there is only one minion on the board. But yeah, it's a good card, i'm not denying that but it's still in line with the rest.

I understand your concern, but in higher level play none of these things are issues. This is mainly as Hunters are so under powered that no one really plays them outside of the UtH OTK deck. I hope you learn how to play against Hunters more effectively and you really should try to figure out what the Secrets are before playing valuable Minions to the table. :)
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No offense but you really look like a very new player. All changes you have suggested would remove the cards from the game.

1. Houndmaster:
4 mana for a 4/3 is pretty bad (you can get a 4/5 for 4). The buff only works with beasts, bad again. The Houndmaster himself is NOT a beast, wich means he will not profit from any synergies in your deck, bad again. If you don't have a beast on the board this card is useless, bad again.
The buff itself is pretty solid, but most hunters don't use it or only one, because of the negative aspects.

2. UTH:
This card is good, period. But why should the hunter be the only class without a good card? Mages got the insane Flamestrike, priests got MC, etc, etc.
It may get nerfed next patch, so let's wait until then.

3. Snipe:
You are probably the only person in the world that complains about this card. This card is just not very good. It is a secret so you can't increase the mana cost, it would destroy the very idea of secrets. Just play a bad minion and waste his "strong removal", that's not so hard. You even get the battlecry out before it gets killed (just play gnome for example).

4. Savannah Highmane:
A 6/5 for 6 mana is not very good again. You can get a 6/7 for 6. The deathrattle is good, but can get silenced. Look at the Fire Elemental for comparison. Another 6/5 for 6 but the battlecry deals 3 damage. It can't get silenced and you can even return it (with a brewmaster for example) and use it again. So the Highmane is "ok" in comparison, but nothing special.

Randomness is always a big drawback and you can't use it if the opponent only has one minion.. As Typoko said, it is in line with all the similar cards, not much to say here.

If you compare all the beasts to minions with similar cost the beasts will almost always lose. Just look at the 2 drops. You pretty much have to use the Raptor/Croc. That's a 3/2 or a 2/3 for 2 with no battlecry etc. The mage has a 3/2 for 2 too, but in addition your spells cost 1 less. The Amani Berserker is a 2/3 for 2 and has an enrage. Knife Juggler, Ooze, Faerie Dragon, Sunfury Protector are all 3/2 or 2/3 for 2 and have an additional effect that is very solid.
Do I really have to compare the Ironfur Grizzly to the Shattered Sun Cleric or the Raging Worgen? Or the Snapjaw and Argus...

I am not saying that all beast are bad or useless, but you should think and compare more before you post stuff like that.
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