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I know most people like OTK but imo it's boring and to much unreliable at higher level(I'm 1 star master).

My deck:
2* tracking
1* secretkeeper(I only have 1)
2* explosive trap
2* freezing trap
2* snipe
2* misdirection
2* snake trap
2* starving buzzard
2* scavenging hyena
2* eaglehorn bow
2* animal companion
2* deadly shot
2* ironfur grizzly
2* multi shot
2* explosive shot
1* savannah highmane

Now this deck is doing fine for me relying pretty highly on getting a bow before turn 5 trough tracking, buzzard + snake trap and controlling enemy's minions(normally no problem).

The problem is this deck is made to end around turn 7-8 but afterwards I have a hard time unless they have early/mid game deck as well. Is there anything I can improve without taking the mid-game effeciency out of the deck or do I just have to accept that this kind of deck will lose either way in late-game.

Also if anyone else got a good hunter deck (not OTK) pls post it here or if you need help with a deck.
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Just as a thing that i have noticed in building different kinds of decks is that Hunter Secret spam doesn't really work that well. One of the biggest problems is that the Hunter Secrets fizzle when they play out after eachother. Nothing like Exploding Trap going off on a empty board. Due to this problem i don't really see that Secretkeeper would work for Hunters that well. Hunter has problems with Card Draw and because of that you can't have something like 1/2 1 drop as the card slot itself is too valuable.

I can also see the problem that you can't really end the game that well. I personally think that it's good to play Houndmasters and Unleash the Hounds when you actually play Beasts. These two cards are actually good for Beasts and not playing them when you play Beasts seems like a waste for me. If you have, Stranglethorn Tigers are also excelent Beasts and with Kill Commands they can be used as a win condition.

I know you really didn't ask for advice but i just gave my 2 cents. :P
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