11/30/2013 04:48 PMPosted by Moji
As a Warlock player you surely realize that if this was changed, that we'd pretty much be screwed completely in regards to class creatures that are usable, right? Right now he's propping us up so much, where most of the other class cards are either meh or worse more destructive to yourself than the opponent.

I agree, but I don't like justifying a silly and broken mechanic with that argument. Our other class cards are bad and need changes. Temporary health auras need changes as well.

Bonus health is removed first.

This is how nearly every online and table top game addresses bonus health.

It's not that hard to understand.

I intentionally ignored your first reply. I guess it's hard to get a clue. To give you a little attention: The only games that treat temp buffs this way are MMO's. Before DnD was dumbed down, the health was lost when the spell faded. If your constitution was changed, you lost/gained hp immediately as well. In M:tG damage is tracked over health, so creatures would die if they took lethal after an aura was gone. Why? Because it makes sense and doesn't promote awkward play. Stay copper my friend.

Except it's not broken and is really the logical thing to do. What you want is to gimp a lot of buff cards because you think you know game mechanics better than game developers. Reality check: You don't. You should also lose the smug attitude as it only makes you look foolish.