its pretty funny...

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that people are crying about priest being op. when im pretty sure shaman is much better.

not that it means much but im pretty much just !@#$ting down everybodies throat as 3 star master in constructed with shaman.

i really think people are realy, really, really slow.
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Shaman is more fun to play then priest cheese, (besides Shaman, I play paladin, also a fun type) the outcry is more because priests were buffed last patch and the starting cards they get have a big impact on people. If MC was say, an epic and not in the basic deck, they'd be less bile.

For example, people hate their own cards being used against them. Understandable. But calling for nerfs against thoughtseize (as I've seen repeatedly) is silly. Synergy should be a factor here. :/

The NsC + coin + PW:S is a powerful, well known first turn combo. For those who don't know how to deal with early turn buffed minions, (which has been overblown, imo), if you aren't a class that has immediate tools, or not one who runs with silence.

Honestly, if you aren't willing to run cards to deal with common combos, then you don't get to cry foul when you get taken out by them. (That isn't to say if a combo is breaking the game/forcing the meta as a whole to change to a single card combo it shouldn't be nerfed, btw)
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I think priest is just a much 'easier' class for most people to play, and that's why it's the early favorite as being perceived as too OP'd. I agree though, Shaman is a lot more fun to play!
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I've had a priest MC my Mana tide totem in a very long game, he ended up decking himself and then dying to the damage from fatigue. Wish i'd screen shot it.
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shaman still haven't won any tourneys, not even a single top tier player uses it in side deck. So obviously they can't be that good.
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honestly the "top" players in this game probably dont even play other games competitively. never heard of a single 1 of the top players regarding competitive card games, and im sure there is at least 1 person on this forum that has heard of my online alias from card games.

once blizzard finally puts some kind of competitive circuit out, you will see the true good decks.
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Love the people talking about balance this early in a games life cycle, shows that this beta should have been aimed to card game players not randoms who do not understand how the game needs time to really take shape (I am not a card game player and truly understand how out of my depth I am when talking about balance)

All blizzard should give a !@#$ about atm is changing annoying cards to improve the over all game design as opposed to change the games balance. For example the mind control "nerf" is simply pandering and won't really be a massive impact on the problem, ie it been %^-*intg annoying.

Balance should come after maybe 3-4 big tournaments and I am glad blizzard is the dev of this game and they have shown to be a company that waits a long time to make balance changes,which is the write way to do it
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11/19/2013 07:09 AMPosted by Rikatan
I've had a priest MC my Mana tide totem in a very long game, he ended up decking himself and then dying to the damage from fatigue. Wish i'd screen shot it.

Epic. I wish I coulda watched this...
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