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i am so sick of priest mind control, i get my creature on the feild i use all my spells to buff it, and all a priest does is mind control and wins with my minion every game and i am so done with it... please fix
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Play as though every turn he is holding a Mind Control, until two have been played. Why an obsession to buff one minion instead of spreading that out to multiple minions? Or always have an answer. You want a big minion down, well make sure you have a way to deal with it. Big Game Hunters is how I deal with my Rag getting taken.

BTW, I don't play Priest, but I've learn how to not lose every game agaisnt them. if you want more tips, just ask.
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This card is bull!@#$
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It's fairly easy to avoid. When you play against priest, keep in mind that most roll with 2 mind controls, so when you get to 8 mana crystals (7 if he has coin) you will ALWAYS need to keep in mind that your next minion could be a waste. The trick is to actually trick the priest into mind controlling the minion that is good for sacrifice, or a minion that you can easily disable/destroy.
For an example, if you play a mage. You pop a good minion and attack only once with it, then the priest uses mind control, your first reaction is obviously "OH !@#$". However if you play it smart, you don't play strong minions if you can't polymorph it on the next turn. It's the same on every class, for example execution on warrior or assasinate on rogue.
Ofcourse a better option is to play many minions instead of one big, but if you decide to play that big one you need to be prepared to destroy it before he can use it. If you play many weaker minions, mind control is not worth it anymore, it may be a saver for one round if he takes a taunt or something, but rare minions are worth the 8 mana crystals that it costs.

Use common sense, there is counter-cards for every move on every class, the only question is if you know how to play it smart.
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You just have to anticipate Mind Control when playing against a priest and bait it out. Not that hard to do. I love Priest v Priest games because it becomes such a tense game of anticipation and baiting to get through all 4 MCs and come out on top.

There are several different classes with cards that you have to anticipate. Polymorph, Blessing of Kings, Windfury, Assassinate, Execute, etc. All of a class's tools are events that you need to anticipate in a game. Mind Control is priest's biggest basic trick to pull off with basic cards.
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It's called tactical thinking.

How does that work? Simple: Don't play cards as soon as you draw them! Save those crucial cards for when you need them.
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Had one of my mind controls thought stolen in my last Priest mirror match. Didn't know it until he played Deathwing, then mind controlled the tank I played to stall him when he drew it from the top of his deck (since his hand was discarded upon playing Deathwing). He had already played his other two mind controls, and I had been counting them, so assumed I would have a chance to save myself from his legendary with my tank and some other cards.

Well played, sir.
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