Shaman legendary not so legendary.

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Ok, first off I love playing Shaman! I really do, and have had a good amount of success at 3* Masters with the class. But what on earth is up with the terrabad legendary?? IMO by far the worst class specific legendary in the game- Someone play devils advocate here and give me a sick decklist with it- or reason to play it.
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Nope it's pretty bad. It will fit into some decks purely because it has charge, can attack twice, and has taunt... but it's not-so-legendary indeed. Even though it *CAN* serve as a useful card, as an 8-drop he's underwhelming. An argument for him: There are situations which he's really useful. The more relevant argument against him: He's a limited play, costs 8 to drop on the board so he's dead in the hand until 8th turn, and he quite honestly doesn't do a lot whether you're winning or losing & whether he is combo'd off with or not. Lining up flame-tongue totem doesn't really make him better either as a 5/5...

He needs a buff for sure. Make him a 4/6 and make him cost 7 with overload 3. That would make him a relevant drop that can pick out drops, survive, taunt, etc... and land on a relevant turn.
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Well said friend!
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Reduce cost by 1 and remove taunt then I'd probably play him. He'd be really strong (Essentially a slightly more expensive argent commander that can 2 for 1 the turn played) but not a card that all shaman decks need to have.

If making him more than a "Argent Commander with Windfury" is a worry, then maybe balance him to have Spellpower? You could give him all major key texts but split them up into two forms that you choose between when played. Yeah Cenarius is another legendary that chooses between two effects but it shouldn't be that big of a deal. They would still be rather different. Cenarius buffs the field around him while Al'Akir is a card that only looks after itself.

Form 1) Windfury, Charge, Divine Shield (Overload 1)
Form 2) Divine Shield, Taunt, Spell Damage +x, +y Attack/+y Health. (Overload z)
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If they removed the taunt and made it 1 cheaper it would be awesome. The combo of charge and windfury is really good, but its way too expensive for a minion that dies so easily.

I have tried it out in a lot of decks, but only seen it do any good on very few occasions. Sure its great if you drop a rockbiter on it and have it deal 12 dmg to the opposing hero, but its still 9 mana and 2 cards to do it.
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