Mind Control - Nerf - Suggestion

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Instead of nerfing it with 10 mana the developers should consider giving it a Deathrattle: When the minion dies it returns to the original owners board with 1 life.

This will obviously favor paladins and other priests more than other classes because of bubbles and heals, but it woul still present a problem for the priest. Making Mind Control kind of a double-edged sword.

What do you think?
Or if you think there's a better solution to MC, give it a go.
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You get the card but it removes all buff's it has, divine shield included and any death rattles. but passives stay the same so if you MC a murloc warleader or Ragnaros it will still have it's effect on the card.
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How about we just remove this card from the game - best solution to the issue and afterwards balance the priest out so it's not just some hero class people use to troll and stall.
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Mind control doesn't give no strategic value to the game. I just played against priest and he used it on my Questing Adventurer which had 11/11 and gave him Divine Spirit. What should I do against that as a Mage, except for Polymorph? I suggest that Mind control's effect lasts for one turn. That way it is still a powerful spell while forcing player to think when and how to use it.
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Your idea is interesting.
I have another one that could be ok imo: make u be able to get ur card back if u silence it. The priest can still take the advantage of a charge card for one turn at least, or forever if the guy doesnt silence it.

What do u think?
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There is already a 1 turn control card, and guess how many decks its in? None. Gee, I wonder why. Lets just regurgitate the idea and slap it in as an 8 cost card. Wow great idea! Seriously? Do you even read the card book at all?

MC needs nothing to be changed. The only thing that needs changing are those that dont know how to play a TCG strategically. This is not some arcade game where you can just mindlessly play crap without any repercussions of your retard 11/11 crap or whatever you want to whine about losing control of.

What HS is missing is a SIDEBOARD. This would quell the need to "nerf" every scary card that comes into existence and the ability to see the rank of your opponent. This way I can avoid all you sub 900 players that are whining and stick to only the 2400+ players who know how to play properly.
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Lance, you are far far off.

When playing unranked games as a mage or paladin, if I draw a priest, I immediately give up. Until mind control is nerfed (making it 10 mana is a good idea), there is no hope of winning against a priest. Since for example, my average mage game is 25 cards, the chance of a priest drawing mind control is statistically favorable. As this card is a BASIC card, every priest has it.

Bottom line: certain classes cannot, or are unlikely to win against a priest because of this one card. HS is beta, so I understand the game is far from perfected. Looking forward to this nerf so I can once again play against priests when playing as certain classes.
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I just got the beta, and really the forums are already filled with Cry-boys NERF NERF NERF.
Learn to play really. If you are losing to MC all the time either you are extremely unlucky or you are playing badly, you can't have a 17/17 vs mind control(yeah you must expect priest can always have a MC on hand if mana is 8 or higher), but against 3 5/5s it's not so good, specially if you have Hex, Assesinate, sheep... and MC it's 8 mana...
So yeah this game is about adapting, not see who gets the bigger X/X.
I wonder how will many of you would have played other TCG like Magic the Gathering.

It's funny that first reaction when people lose it's not, I suck at this game, but "The game is not fair!!"
And yes, I have lost against priests (in fact almost to them up to now) but mostly cos I am lacking cards, bad luck added to the fact that I am still learning the game.
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The change from 8 to 10 Mana really didnt change much, its still OP.

Same with argent commander the change from 4/3 to 4/2 didnt change anything. Still always trades 1 for 2, charge + divine shield is just retarded :/.
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12/10/2013 09:21 AMPosted by Zhurtel
I just got the beta, and really the forums are already filled with Cry-boys NERF NERF NERF.

Right so the fact that the developers agreed that it needed a change means they are also Cry-boys?

Like you said, you have only just got beta, so we can forgive your lack of knowledge regarding this card and how unpleasant it was to play against before the nerf.
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Pre patch, it was too damn good
Post patch, it's unreliable.

They should remake the card with drawbacks like:
-give it -3 -3
-silence it
-can only be cast to creature that as been weaken

Give creatures something like "Cannot be mind controled".

I mean the increase in crystal cost seems to me a poor way of balancing the card.
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