01/01/2014 01:47 PMPosted by RoRu
[quote="110390913696"]This aint really fun anymore: 2 pyroblasts on me while he HAD really nothing on board. Blizzard: This spell makes this game a failure.. Pyroblast really need a nerf and a big one..

Clearly you cant play nothing or do nothing while mages dumbs every damage spell only your hero.

Read this.


You writing is clearly.. Im not going too build a deck around 1 class. It just clearly that mages is a noob class that everyone can play without understanding the "combat" meganism of this game. Mages have been nerfed but not at the right place. My hunter deck can take out a mage but not 2 pyroblasts.

You don't need to build an entire class around one deck. Every deck I listed there is a viable deck all-around that contains the couple cards that make it very effective against mage. It's no different than any other class; every class has cards that make you stronger or weaker against it, and mage is nothing unique in that regard.

It's of course your prerogative to ignore the information, but the end result is that you'll continue to lose to mage and keep coming back to the forum complaining (to no end result) while everyone around you does fine against them.