Mind Control Cost to 9 MC and Destroy One Crystal

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I know there has been a lot of debate on this card.
I don't know if this has been suggested already but here it goes. If the Mind Control card was changed to 9 Mana crystals and you permanently destroyed one of your own mana crystals, you would only be able to use a maximum of 2 in any deck including arenas.

This might make sense and create some interesting choices. If I take this opponents card can I win using 8 or 9 mana?

Another idea is that if you use the Mind Control card your opponent gets a one time use "coin" card with the amount of mana on the card you took control of.
This could give the priest an interesting choice if he sees that his opponent already has a large amount of cards in his hand...

Giving that opponent more mana to use could make the end game really fun...
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You get back destroyed mana crystals each turn.
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I'd like to say give it 4-8 overload, but that seems to be a shaman only mechanic :/
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I mean permanently destroy the crystal for the rest of your game, so only 9 crystals maximum for you unless you do a second MC then only 8 crystals for the remainder of the game.
Make sense?
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no thats overnerf they just need to make it only last for one or two turns
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I think the "coin" idea is a better game mechanic..
I would really like to see that in action.
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The problem is, the value of the card is actually worth 10 mana total because if you combine Faceless Manipulator and Assassinate, it IS mind control. Both faceless and assassin are 10 mana in combonation, while MC is 8. So unless they change the mechanic of the card, it will always value at 10. The mana crystal deficit doesn't fix anything because you can just still build decks around lower amount of mana usage minion/spells and still get away with the effect of what MC causes to the board.

Now when I say this, I'm not saying MC is OP. I actually think its very strong, and I definitely agree with the 10 mana change. I think its relatively easy to play around, but the problem is once it happens in a bad situation for you, its very UNFUN to play against. That reasoning plays in a lot of the bias people have against the card. Its pretty obvious weve all be mind controlled a few times and felt horrible after, heck I know I have.

The good thing about MC is you can prep it to make them lose if they use it that turn, or just play no late game decks, and that's currently 'happening. Rush decks are very popular and id argue its because MC can be devastating against slower decks. At lest now when MC is 10 mana, theres nothing left they can do to follow up with something else. I.E. they cant heal the mc target anymore or smite a low health creature with holy smite or SW:P anymore, etc.
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