Deck Advice: Novice Engineers vs Totems

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I just got to 1 Start Master with the following deck:;51:2;124:2;146:1;172:1;214:2;256:2;270:2;390:2;422:2;435:2;491:2;542:2;613:2;636:2;676:2;

Lightning Bolt × 2
Rockbiter Weapon × 2
Flametongue Totem × 2
Knife Juggler × 2
Novice Engineer × 2
Windfury × 1
Feral Spirit × 2
Hex × 2
Lightning Storm × 2
Mana Tide Totem × 2
Unbound Elemental × 2
Defender of Argus × 2
Bloodlust × 2
Doomhammer × 1
Earth Elemental × 2
Fire Elemental × 2

I'm considering adding in Earth Shock and/or Acidic Swamp Ooze. My concerns are a lack of silence and weapons. I am currently winning 80% of my games with this deck and feel it has a very solid base. I was considering dropping the novice engineers to make this change. I like the novice engineers as quick drops for cards especially early in the game. Not sure I need them due to Mana Tide Totems. I Have two questions I'd like feedback on:

    Are dropping totems via hero power a better early turn play than an engineer?

    Are mana tide totems enough to gain a card advantage?

Looking forward to everyone's feedback. Feel free to make other suggestions.
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If you are playing a strong removal and taunt heavy deck ( which it looks like you are) then mana tide totem could offer amazing card draw when played properly. I am currently playing a shaman "control/turtle" deck at 3*Masters and It pretty much smashes all faces other than the rare "20 hit combo burst out of nowhere deck". I personally am not a HUGE fan of Unbound Elemental as I feel there are better 3 drops. In theory it is an awesome card, but I haven't been satisfied with the results I've seen in practice. Also I think putting 1 Earth Shock in your deck would be a pretty awesome idea. The card can be powerful removal if your lightning storm doesn't hit for "3" (gives you that last piece of damage) or for negating classes that dump extra buffs into one card, effectively giving you 2 for 1's. IF your heart is still set on card draw I would go with the Drake rather than the Gnomes. Haha sorry I don't want to "deconstruct" your deck too much, and it does look good- but maybe one lava lash in there? I love that card. GL!!
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Thanks again! Anyone else have feedback?
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