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Edit: Officially Masters 1* deck
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I see a lot of threads asking for fun combos to play. Look no further.

This deck started out as an adaptation of Kithros' Minion Buff + Card Draw deck (as with most decks, it's still evolving). His deck is quite effective but it wasn't really my style. Then one day a Rogue finished me off with a Weapon attack + Blade Flurry combo and I was like"... wut?" Ever since then it's become my favorite Rogue combo to pull off and it scales with Spell Damage. Originally I was running Azure Drakes but I lacked an early game presence in the 3* Diamond League. They worked fine til then, so I swapped em out for SI:7 Agents and I'm enjoying the aggression they bring to my deck. Currently the only Spell Damage in my deck is Bloodmage Thalnos but it's more of a perk/luxury than it is a necessity. If I draw him, I can usually surprise my opponent with some extra damage but I don't rely on him by any means.

A proper weapon deck utilizes weapon cards as effective, reusable minion removal. When no major threats are present that can be handled by your weapon, it's a good idea to use some swings on their face before it gets broken by those damn Acidic Swamp Oozes. Hold onto it too long and you're asking for it. It's all a gamble, I've won some games by a +4 Assassin's Blade that got its full durability use due to their terrible luck (or lack of foresight and didn't run Oozes).

A card that I'm testing right now, pleasantly and thoroughly surprised me, is the Spiteful Smith. Completely overlooked it for so long, but I had an epiphany recently. 5 mana for a 4/6 is not an easy card to deal with. It's either a 1 for 1 trade or 1 for 2. Either way I win. If they don't handle it, my Hero Power suddenly becomes a BEAST. If he survives turn 5, you can plink him with Perdition's Blade on turn 6 and swing for 4+4. On turn 8 you can play him and a Perdition's Blade to plink him and swing for 4.

Win condition is usually dependent on your weapons/direct damage handling taunts and larger threats, allowing your buffed minions to do your dirty work for you. The deck is capable of ~20-28 damage on one turn in the late game, though the true joy of this deck is being able to handle almost any situation with very few taunts, no Assassinates and no Silence (all of which I'm bored of). Sometimes it plays out differently but for the most part you can win by turn 8-9 if you're holding onto an Assassin's Blade, Deadly Poison, and Blade Flurry (easy 10 dmg). You want to mulligan any cards over 4 cost in your starting hand in hopes of Backstabs/Perdition's Blade/Eviscerates/Novice Engineers/Leper Gnomes
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Thanks for this deck. After hitting 60 with my Druid I decided to try a new class and want a golden Acidic Swamp Ooze so I went with Rogue. Went down forum and found this post. Wanted a weapon deck as it is a totally new style for me coming from Druid. I to am bored of taunts, silences and the like. You can see my Druid deck here to see I like interesting play styles.


15-2 at 2* Diamond (I mostly play Unranked) and only 2 games went to turn 10. Loving it! Thanks again.

If I make any changes that work well I will post them. After getting the core style down I will begin to tinker.

Also want to ask how can you plink the Spiteful Smith? When I try it says Choose an Enemy Minion.
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