Far Sight rework

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Does anyone use Farsight in their deck? I would like to see it totally reworked because it seems like a waste if you draw a low mana card like Ancestral Healing.

If it were like Tracking and you got to select the card from a pool it would be better.

I would really like to see it be specifically geared to the Shaman and do something like restore all overloaded mana for this round and next.
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Far Sight is currently really bad.

Yes, ideally you could play a 7-cost card on turn 4 if the all stars line up and the RNG gods decide to shower you with love. But guess what? Druid don't need the crazy draw luck or the epic-rarity card to be able to do the same. They can simply cast innervate.

I think your ideas regarding Tracking seems reasonable, and it would be more in line with the theme of Far Sight too (being able to anticipate the future? of course!)
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far sight really is just a cantrip that does nothing :/
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Rogues have Preparation which reduces their next card played by 3 mana at no cost.
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Preparation allows you to choose the card being played for less. It cannot backfire and cost you a card/mana without doing anything.
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I agree which is why I was using Preparation as an example of a mana enhancing card.

I would really like to see Far Sight be guaranteed beneficial mana like Preparation but with a Shaman feel.

I suggest making Far Sight a zero mana card and have it remove the overload you have accumulated for next round. Thus you are dealing in the future so it is "far seeing" and it works with the Shaman game mechanism.
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I think the mana totem is generally superior; at the very least it draws you one card and draws the opponent's attention which can save your life points or other minions.
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What if farsight clear your overload blockage?

Just read that other reply. I think it's a great idea.
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