Priest = concede turn 1

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no point in playing this game priest are automatic lose when the deck has 8 cards with mind control lol i'm practically just killing myself. infinite heals infinite card draw gets your minions on the field can take like 8 cards from you deck and use them I hope hearthstone realizes there is no possible way to beat one in an even matchup. so idk if some one payed me 100 dollars to play this game for a day I would tell them to burn in hell and then commit suicide. this game is trash take out double hp take out mind control (with no down side) take out infinite card draw, take out the aoe heal cause same thing as pallies aoe but just heals every one too lol what a joke. this game is pathetic I am no longer playing until priest gets removed from this tragedy and we can start calling this a game.
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Aggro. Warlock annihilates Priest.
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I just started playing a Priest instead of a rogue. Aggro is by far the best way to challenge a priest. I think where most people screw up is they overextend. Even when I was playing Miracle Rogue I still didn't fear priests. 90% of this game is knowing what they have available on what turns and remembering what's been played. Priests are tough to stop but they are by no means impossible.
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Aggression is always the best way to deal with a priest. My rogues deck beats priests consistently at least over 80% of the time and it's incredibly aggressive.

... That being said, I don't always want to play an aggressive deck. I like to sometimes play control, but in this area Priests absolutely destroy all other classes. They will outlast anything, easily take care of any card that doesn't have 4 attack, steal your big late game drop, steal your cards, and you will almost always hit fatigue before they do ... it's really frustrating.

TLDR: I personally find priest control more powerful than other class' versions of control. If you're going for mid-game aggression the nerf to mind control should help, but unless more things are changed it seems like priests will continue to dominate in control vs control.
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Something is going to counter something. That's just the way it works. You wanna beat a priest then put yourself in the best position to do it.
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