Priest Hero Power

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Needs to be reduced to 1 healing to be balanced with other hero powers.

Hunter can only target a hero and deals 2 damage, while mage can target a hero or minion and deal 1.

Warriors can only "heal" a hero and gains 2 armor. Priests can heal a hero or minion and should only heal for 1.
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Priests hero ability is actually completely useless in the early game, when the creatures die/trade too fast and players are struggling to achieve board dominance. And this is probably the most important phase of the game, since you can easily quickly snowball to victory out of it.
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Morok and what about Northshire Cleric ? I agree 2 HP heal is too much !
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Not really. The thing about the priest's hero power is it will have zero effect on targets at full health or reduced effect on targets that have taken only one damage.

Hunter attacks will always deal 2 damage on every use. A mage's attack will always deal 1 damage on every use.

Warriors will always gain 2 armor on every use.

Priest's hero power will only have an effect on targets once they've taken damage (assuming your minions survives the damage). That is why decks that focus on rushing or has board control will often beat out a priest's deck because your hero power cannot heal a minion that died within one turn.
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The Priest's HP is no where near as powerful as you claim it to be, it's "hit/miss". What I mean is that it's either very useful or not at all. Yes, it can be comboed affectively with such minions as NSC or even AoP to consistantly draw cards, but considering it requires 2 mana to use, you're more so not going to use it but instead, you're going to use that 2 mana to play something else (depending on the situation).

I'd say that it's just fine as is. If anything, it honestly could use a bit of a buff in the sense of "Heal your Hero (only your Hero) for 3, or perhapse maybe, 4 health". But perhaps I'm simply thinking out loud on that one. :P
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I agree priest hero power is crazy over powered
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The ability to attack with a unit to kill one of yours and then heal it back up 2 hp its crazy it should be 1 heal to anyone or 2 heal to hero end of story
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