Sprint is an amazing

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cripes.. 4 cards at turn 7 is pretty much game over or a huge burst

what you guys think? Mage pyroblast equivalent almost?
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OP as hell id say nerf sprint to draw only 1 card and buff pyroblast to 20 dmg
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Dude come on. It needs to be at least 25.
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I sprinted last night and I killed myself with Fatigue!!! Sprint is too stronk.
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They should nerf it to 10 mana and 3 cards!
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How about Draw 4 cards, and discard them!
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I vote 8 mana, draw 3 cards and decrease the mana cost of those cards to 0.
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I agree, turn 7 is not important anyway. When your opponent plays a bomb and then you draw a few cards and do nothing, your opponent is always like WTF.
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On a serious note:

This card can only be played when you are winning analysis:

1. you are losing -> this card puts nothing on the board, takes nothing away from your opponent, and does no dmg. Unplayable.

2. Breaking-even: Again, this card does nothing to the board, nor opponent life, this means you are passing a turn. If your opponent does anything, he will now gain an advantage.

3. winning -> now you have more cards, you win.


pretty bad, I don't like win more cards, i like spells that offer board control, or at least deal some dmg to opponent (thou sinister strike is bad too).
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Ill take lay on hands over this any day
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Almost thought OP was serious for a sec.Sprint is indeed garbage.
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I like sprint. It have saved me some times, but for me it's a high risk/reward card. If you're this late in the game and spend 7 mana on this card, then you're probably out of lower cost cards - so you either get lucky and get something useful or you'll have to wait for the next round.
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