Help rebuilding my shaman deck

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Hi there, how are you guys doing?
I would like some help to rebuild this deck, as I haven't been seing a lot of sucess:
1x Ancestral Healing
2x Rockbiter Weapon
1x Shieldbearer
1x Stormforged Axe
2x Windfury
2x Flametongue
2x Feral Spirit
2x Hex
1x Lightning Storm
1x Mana Tide Totem
2x Raid Leader
1x Dragonling Mechanich
1x Mogu'shan Warden
2x Windspeaker
2x Bloodlust
2x Frostwolf Warlord
2x Fire Elemental
2x Stormwind Champion
1x Molten Giant

I have been thinking about getting ancestral healing, shildbearer and mogu'shan warden, but don't really know what yould be good =/
Also, wich other champion have similar playstyles? I was thinking about paladin or warrior maybe? But I just like windfury a lot =]
Thanks in advance
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I think your deck need quite a bit of refining. Seems to me you're focussing too hard on your win condition cards and not nearly enough about how you're going to get to the point where you can effectively use them.

If you're looking to win the battle for board control to put yourself in the position to do serious damage with a Lust you're going to need more high quality low cost minions, things like Harvest Golem, Shattered Sun Cleric etc. Shieldbearers and Mogu'shans in the current aggro meta aren't going to be too effective, they're just stalling roadblocks while you're opponent is bringing out board presence.

One Lust is more than enough. If you've won the battle for board control and can Lust effectively the game should be all but over. Having two is often at best overkill and at worst a wasted card in your hand that your can't use.

The other win condition you're going for is sticking Windfury on a big minion unmarked by a taunt to smack your opponent. Again this is the kind of thing you should be looking for to potentially end the game after you've got the upper hand. You could pretty much achieve this with a single Windspeaker. Stacking so much WF seems redundant.

The Fire Ele's are great, not such a fan of your other big minions.

I'd also definitely be using two Lightning Storms in all Shaman decks.
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I would add in another lightning storm, and 1-2 lighting bolts. I also think having a lava burst and an earth shock in your deck would be useful.

I would consider removing these cards based on your play style:

2x Stormwind Champion
1x Molten Giant
1x Dragonling Mechanich
2x Frostwolf Warlord
2x Windspeaker

Things I would consider to add:
Lightning Storm
Lightning Bolt
Lava Burst
Earth Shock
Earth Elemental (some people don't like these but I find them quite valuable so far)
Mana tide Totem
Novice engineer
Azure Drake

One thing I noticed in your deck is the lack of draw power. You do have a single mana tide totem but I believe it isn't enough. I currently run two mana tide totems and two novice engineers. I think that might be extreme but I think have 2-3 cards for draw power can be helpful. My shaman deck is based around control and getting out some minions so you can drop a bloodfury/windfury and hammer them. I am also a big fan of having a doomhammer. Dropping a rockbitter with that equipped is 10 damage which great late game combined with a few minions and bloodfury if you have board control.

All in all I find shaman is a fun class to play so far. I think they have the most versatile strategies available to them in comparison to most other classes so far.
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