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Hey guys :)
I started playing HS 3 weeks ago and built an hunter-deck on my own without looking in any guides or recommendations. The result was pretty good: I got to 2*Diamond with 75% wins!
But from there on, I keep on losing over and over again.. i hardly win 1 out of 5 games, which is very frustrating when you had such a good start. I don't just want build a completely different deck from guides, but it would be great if you coul just tell me if I did some big mistakes, in form of "THAT card no hunter should use!", "You have way to few/many minions", "your Mana curve should be higher/lower" and so on!
So here is my deck:

Hunter's Mark
Bestial Wrath
Unleash the Hounds
Timber Wolf x2
Young Dragonhawk
Ironbeak Owl
Novice Engineer x2
Starving Buzzard x2
Animal Companion x2
Deadly Shot
Kill Command
Ironfur Grizzly
Silverback Patriarch
Cult Master
Defender of Argus
Gnomish Inventor
Houndmaster x2
Explosive Shot
Stampeding Kodo
Savannah Highmane x2
Core Hound

Thanks for your help!!
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your deck has no direction is the biggest problem.The deck looks like half neutral current meta(with inventor,argust,engineer) mixed with Unleash the hound type of deck with garbage card added in such as cult master,grizzl,silverback,beastial wrath.You also have alot of undecided stuff such of having a single copy of many card in your deck which is sign of a deck with no direction.

I trashed my way to master3 (lost about 3-4 game ) this week(was playing unranked since last wipe; been in beta since 1st week) using hunter deck with no beast and no uth and yes at first I though hunter mark was good but it was usually trading 2 card to kill enemy or mark+creature so its really not worth it compare to deadly shot and the like.Tracking is usually garbage unless you run a UTH deck.

I personally think beast suck currently outside of the UTH one turn kill; most are weak and you will get overrun by aggro deck at higher rank or be unable to use many of them at once in fear of aoe.
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