Gladiators longbow

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Any reason to use this card at all? The eaglehorn bow at least is pretty solid if you have at least one secret (and even then its alright). But the gladiators longbow... arcanite reaper stats for two extra mana. Immune is nice and all but at 7 mana it will could be contending with big drops such as enforcer/mercenary/ironbark etc and would take two swings to kill it while totally using up one of your turns. (none of those are exactly 7 mana but they're each targets that the bow may find itself up against)

I'm writing this because I just recieved a golden longbow and I'm unsure whether to disenchant it or if its useful.
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Glad Longbows most certainly aren't the best weapons in the game. Tho if you think it as an removal it's pretty much 2 x 5 damage spell that has to be used on different turns. It can hit the opposing Hero but it's affected by Taunt.

Problem ofc is that it can be destroyed by Noxious Ooze. If you can only get one shot off with the bow it's really ineffective. It's also rather meh if you need it to hit something that doesn't die to it or is a low Health Minion.

On a control deck you still might want to use one. It's something that you can play on turns that you don't need to play any other cards as removal and it can be used to end the game. 10 damage in 2 turns is pretty much when you combine it with Steady Shot for 14 damage from 1 card.

If you aren't already playing Hunter i wouldn't save it. This is expecially true if you don't have good selection of Rare cards already. 400 dust can get you 4 really good cards from the Rare section. If you don't need more rares, it's 1/4 of a Legendary.
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If you're using it to hit a hero, you're using it wrong. It's entirely based around the fact that you're going to be hitting something strong and taking no damage.
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its a useless card
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I tried to put in my deck but could not find a card to replace it with so ya..
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for 7 mana there are much better cards. Gorehowl is almost always killing creature and there are many creatures with more than 5 live and tuant.Better even use King Krush
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This card does indeed seem to cost too much. If it were 5 mana it would at least be viable. I don't waste my card slots on something like that. I play Kolento ' s hunter deck; whilst Release the Hounds isn't as strong as it used to be (lost some synergy due to mana cost upped to 3 from its original 2), it is still very viable. I call it the "Kolento Krush!!!" Deck.

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I like the card, but it's obviously not good when compared to something like Truesilver or Arcanite Reaper. Its stats make it look like it should cost 6 mana.
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Honestly I think purpose should drive deck construction rather than card economy. For instance I run a Hunter Tempo Control deck. It works out rather well because people assume UTH when they look face a Hunter. I only have three beasts in the deck and I run kill command. I rarely get the full value of the card but I run it because single target three damage is often a play I need. Three damage can deal with an absolute host of problems and doesn't hold the precondition that multishot holds you hostage with.

Likewise the bow costs seven mana which is a full play. It is however a great control maintaining utility. In essence it's two five damage removal plays, on a mana scale that would equal out to eight mana. True it won't take out some of the larger bruisers like Giants, but I think I remember saying something about needing that three damage.


It has it's play in the right deck. The speed decks that most Hunters go for are ill suited to the card. It shines in control. Than again people are rarely prepared for seemingly stupid chocies.
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Think of it as an Arcanite Reaper combined with Beastial Wrath or a buffed up Gorehowl. It is there simply to remove something moderately big without taking you down along with it. It isn't as good as Kill Shot but it doesn't screw you with randomness.

In the end, it isn't something to build a deck around but it has merit.
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I managed to loot 2 of these over the last month.

I'm guessing I should at the very most keep 1, and DE the other for something more useful?

Having 2 in 1 deck would be overkill / stupid?
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Longbow is not bad, it is just damm slow for what it does. It sometimes makes up for it with it's versality, as it is a good Cairne/Sunwalker/Fire Elemental/Ancient of Lore/etc. killer and it can also function as 10 damage to the face. While the 2nd function is mana inefficient compared to other classes or even the good old Kill Command, this flaw is not as relevant due to Steady Shot. Control or some midrange decks can easily justify playing one.

@GameZealot - Just like Warr control runs 1 Gorehowl, a Hunter should run 1 Longbow max IMO.
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Cheers Speedstick.
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11/25/2013 11:35 AMPosted by Watafool
If you're using it to hit a hero, you're using it wrong. It's entirely based around the fact that you're going to be hitting something strong and taking no damage.

Definitely this. You can use it on any attack minion and you'll take no damage at all. Unless you have it and your opponent is in lethal range because of it, you should NEVER use it on their face.
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i love this Card it help's me remove big card's/Taunt's from the bored.
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It's useful in a hunter control deck. I'd never use more than 1 in any deck.
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05/29/2014 04:05 PMPosted by ArmedWeasel
I like the card, but it's obviously not good when compared to something like Truesilver or Arcanite Reaper. Its stats make it look like it should cost 6 mana.

Pretty much this. 5 mana is too little - at 5 mana it is an obviously superior Arcanite Reaper, and Warriors as a class specialize in weapons - while it's OK for Hunter weapons to be just as good, obviously superior is not really a good idea. 7 mana, however, is just too much for the Gladiator Bow's stats, immune while attacking or not. So 6 mana would make good sense.
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I just got a gold one. Now im just waiting to cash in the dust when it gets changed! :D
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I got a gold one weeks ago and it's useful now. I can kill two minions for free with it or lethal the hero.
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