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My apologies if this has already been talked about.

So, I finally got into the beta a few days ago and I'm loving the game. I quickly unlocked all of the basic cards for each class and am now levelling the Priest. I love playing the Priest, it's a challenge to say the least. However... How the hell am I supposed to survive the early game?

I'm 2-Star Platinum and I've been getting my !@# kicked, a lot, lately by an influx of nothing but early aggression decks. (I'm lucky if I can make it to turn 4 with more then half of my health intact...) So I was wondering. What do y'all Priests do to survive the early game?
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Don't be the part of the cancer, stop playing priest
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well, holy smite, Northshire and Shadow Word:Pain are usually set imo.
Aside from that, play enough (=at least 6 or so) two drops (=minions) and about as many 3 drops (preferably harvest golem, shattered sun cleric, maybe scarlet cursader). basically anything that will not die directly to other 2 mana minions so that they usually trade 2:1 and take away tempo from your opponent.

and at least one Holy Nova also helps a lot ofc. Idk what cardpool you have, so another option is ofc taunts (like the 3/5 neutral guy for 4 mana).

If you have some rares shadow madness is really sweet too ofc.

Hope that helps :)
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