Sap a little OP than it should be

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You know, it's like I'm reading "Polymorph a little OP than it should be".

No. It works as intended. If you are not familiar with TCG, familiarize yourself by playing a lot to deal with it instead of whining about every single card that makes you lose a game.
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12/14/2013 05:51 AMPosted by Naraldeth
I ran sap when it was in basic deck, but honestly you replace it so freaking fast. Sap is pointless unless you are going for an all-in rush down deck where you want the board to be clear permanently and you can end the game before turn 6.

The priest shadow word cards as was mentioned earlier are the better cards by a country mile. The priest simply has to turtle and heal to beat the rogue using sap. The rogue has to swap his entire deck to consist of only 4 attack minions or play ridiculous amounts of 3 attack minions and hope he has buffs spare by the time the cards get pulled (which are easy with the Northshire cleric anyway)

Overall Sap is pretty terrible. Sending a minion away from the battle for 1 turn is just not worth it for 2 mana and card disadvantage. You might find the odd occasion where Sap is useful. But it will pale in comparison to the times where Sap is useless to you.

Add in the fact that people love to play large amounts of Battlecry/Divine Shielded creatures and it just gives your opponent more fuel to buff up/hurt you even more. If any they should add the Freezing Trap's "that minion costs 2 more to play" to make it more useful.
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in miracle rogue sap makes the difference between a lost and a win match.

don't judge it so easy
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Lets make it like Freezing Trap then. Sap now makes your minion cost +2.

Sounds great!
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Oh Sap sees much play in my deck.

Hardly OP though, for reasons mentioned.
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buff sap

add combo return sap to your hand
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I dont get why you feel it is crap.
Is it that you feel its too expensive in your deck in terms of mana? That the card slot can be used better?
Iunno, for me its a cheap card that takes a minion away. Removes buffs on said minion. Forces mana to be spent on casting it again. Clears a taunt right off.
I like it :s .
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Sap isn't OP at all. You still have to find a way to kill that card regardless. Its pretty similar to Naturalize where its mainly useful as a Finisher.
You can't use Sap on a cards like Fire Ele and Water Ele because their Battlecry is too strong.
But using Sap on a Doomguard / Pitlord or a Earth Elemental is pretty huge.

I think its completely fine the way it is. Its situation-al.
Every class in Hearthstone has some Powerful cards, but Sap isn't one of them. Rouge probably has the least amount of these cards.
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