Lets remake Miracle Rogue

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I feel like the concept is still viable after playing the old version, or would be if adjustments were made.My issue is that I wasn't around for pre-nerf Rogues so I don't even know what parts of this deck don't work anymore. I think it would be neat if we had a community effort and threw around ideas for revisions of the deck.

Minion (10)
1x Bloodmage Thalnos
1x Edwin VanCleef
2x Gadgetzan Auctioneer
2x Mana Addict
2x Questing Adventurer
2x Novice Engineer

Ability (20)
2x Preparation
2x Headcrack
2x Cold Blood
2x Conceal
2x Eviscerate
2x Shadowstep
2x Shiv
2x Backstab
2x Sap
2x Sinister Strike

That was the old deck. I'll kick things off and say that I would absolutely have betrayal in there somewhere. It seems to fit the meta game very well with all the aggro minion buffs in that it can scale off of your enemy beefing up his / her own minions. I'll be sure to post a complete revision of the deck once I have more time to think about it but I'd love to get input from everyone.
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I play exactly that with the exception of the Headcracks, I replaced those with Betrayal. Sometimes I drop Betrayal for Deadly Poison. Not sure which I like more.

Sometimes, I just !@#$ing die getting no chance to do much.

Sometimes I have to play less cards than I can because I'm running into the timer waiting for all the buff+draw card animations to finish before I can attack with that 18/18 Questing Adventurer.
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I really want this deck back on track, I was dreaming of it even before getting hearthstone...

I got kinda the same decklist, replacing headcrack by poison or assassinate, I have yet to try betrayal..
Oh and fan of knives instead of sinister strike is a must to me, you really need that card draw and it synergizes well with preparation.

My big concern is the combo initiation. Most of time I try to shadowstep an auctioneer turn 5, and then I wait the good tempo to put questing/ auction/ conceal, but its rly tricky, I d like to know your tricks.

Besides, if any miracle rogue fan wanna add me for more experiments -> Eranok#2141
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They killed Miracle Rogues for a reason. It's not fun to play against, nor to play. Go away
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