Any Hunter guides/help for a nublet?

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Hey guys

I've tried all the classes and felt that Hunter was the most "fun" for me, I would say my win/loss ratio is about 30-40% so I'm not that great (clearly) I'm still new and learning the game but I was wondering if anyone could throw some tips my way?

From what I can see on the forums, most people are using the "wait and unleash" tactic by saving all their beasts and using charges and +1's... to be honest this is something I shouldn't even bother with considering how new I am.

Am I correct in saying that this is how you play the Hunter? are there multiple options or are 99% of players using the Hunter in this way?

Any links for guides or tips on decks would be highly appreciated... did you guys learn on your own by studying the cards and crafting what you deemed "necessary" or was there a great source of information you used?

TLDR: How are you playing the hunter? do you wait and throw everything out, or do you play it tactically and win at a normal pace.

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I played an unleash the hounds deck where I waited until turn 7 for the kill. The deck has a lot of burst at 23 damage if you have the perfect draw. It's not too terribly difficult to play either.

I have also played and played against hunter decks that don't use the combo, and they're also just fine.

W/e you do,the hunter is able to do damage without any board presence. If you keep the board clean by trading with dudes or killing them with spells, you'll usually come out ahead.

How you play, as with all classes depends on a lot of things, but I'd be happy to answer any specific questions.
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Thanks Laminate, I was wondering if you could give me a general idea of what cards I should be using? maybe if you have time you could give me a full 30-list deck of cards and I can go from there?

So far I have the full basic deck and Explosive and Freezing trap, I could probably unlock a few more tonight.

Appreciate the help, thanks.
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I think this deck is pretty fun, but it's also a worse version of a mage deck basically.

here's the list i used for a while:

flare x1
tracking x2
unleash the hounds x2
stonetusk boar x2
timber wolf x2
young dragonhawk x2
explosive trap x2
misdirection x2
snipe x2
direwolf alpha x2
ironbeak owl x1
starving buzzard x2
eaglehorn bow x1
animal companion x1
deadly shot x2
kill command x2
explosive shot x2

important cards for the deck:

unleash the hounds
starving buzzard
timber wolf

there's a ton of other deck ideas going around for the hunter, and you can check them out here:
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Cheers mate, I'll give that deck a test run :) really appreciate the feedback and committed time.
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I made a guide on hearhthead. You should check it out. Just skim through it and/or use it as a reference, and if you like it I'd appreciate it if you voted it up.

Here it is:
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