Shaman is crap

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Shaman is strong right now, here is a link to my 3* masters shaman deck that can beat warlock, paladin, and rogue consistently. In regards to your concern about overload- I realized that early on playing too many cards with overload weights you down. This deck strives to control the board and keep a couple of minions on the field. Eventually you will be able to outdraw and outtrade your opponent because of strong shaman cards like lightning bolt, lightning storm, rock biter, and fire elemental. There's no hex because it is too situational of a card to include. Only one feral spirit to reduce overload cost at the 3 drop spot. Only one azure drake because it is a slow card to play and is easily countered by argent commander. Always check to see if you have lethal when you have bloodlust in hand- this deck can frequently finish somebody by turn 7 or 8. This deck's hardest matchup is mage because of their strong aoe, however it is still very easy to get the OTK with bloodlust if you maintain board control. If you have board control, don't overextend versus mage and drop more than 1 minion per turn. Cards like defender of argus and harvest golem will help you maintain that board control because they inherently only die to flamestrike and the defender can help buff your other minions out of range of cards like blizzard.

Here's the link:
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2/3rds of your deck are neutral minions. I wouldn't really call it a Shaman deck. It's more just riding the bull!@#$. It's a waste of space and you should probably be playing another class instead if you want to play that way. Shaman offers nothing to that playstyle. Also never use "masters 3" as an argument. It's not an accomplishment, it took me my first 20 games and the same is for everyone. Ranking won't matter until you can truly see what rank you are.
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/clicks micneal's link and sees 2 legendaries, yeah i'm sure its fine. Also funny how it is named "value" sham.
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Wow... I don't know why these guys are so mad (dmaxle and karishin) - this thread was started because somebody was saying that shaman isnt a viable class the way it is designed right now. All I wanted to do was to share a deck that I have found a lot of success with. To some extent what aldor says is true, if I wanted to build an "originial" deck that was based on shaman cards only and overload- I would get stomped, a lot of the cards are too situational and not as good as many of the neutrals that exist in the game right now. That goes for the same with any class, however. My main point was that it is possbile to have success with shaman decks at the highest level of ranked play. The post wasn't meant to brag about being in masters 3,a lot of people are in masters 3 (youre right)!! but I'm just happy that I don't have to play versions of curi's warlock, kithros' rogue, or cixah's paladin decks to win. Seriously, I see these decks like 90% of the time, either that or some anti meta bs involving pyromancer+ equality, ancient watcher +silences, or molten giants with taunts (all gimmicky combos). And to say that it doesn't rely on shaman cards to win is completely ridiculous. You are usually finishing people off with a bunch of totems and bloodlust to win the game. And to say that I shouldn't be running cards like defender of argus, shattered sun, and dark iron dwarf in combination with hero power totems is just dumb, it is awesome to be able to summon totems and buff them with your cards- this lets you use them to their full potential.

@karishin : The deck is named value shaman not because it is cheap to build- I realize that it takes quite a bit of dust to craft two legendaries, 8 rares, and a bunch of commons, if you would like recommendations for some of the cards that you may be missing, just let me know and I can try my best to help. It is named value shaman because the cards synergize really well with one another and the shaman class cards that I think are worth playing. Bloodmage thalnos and azure drake gives you awesome board clear potential with lightning storm and lightning bolt . Argent squire+ rockbiter gives you a 4-1 with divine shield. Feral spirits bides time for you to be able to put pressure on your opponent's board with sylvanas, argent commander, and fire elemental. I apologize if the name was misleading, it wasn't supposed to imply that the deck includes a bunch of basics.

I don't really know why people are downright negative and sarcastic about the post- I'm just trying to offer my own views to aldor... I hope that the hearthstone community doesn't turn into something similar to lol- and by that I mean a bunch of whiny 14 year olds who don't even enjoy the game they are playing. If all it does is make you angry and youre not having fun, then don't play- not that hard to understand.

Edit: After posting my comments here, I came across this reddit post- it seems relevant to the discussioin:
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When I look at that reddit link am I supposed to be considerate of you? All I see here is someone (you) whining about the best decks and refusing to play them because then you won't be "different".

Here's your quote: "but I'm just happy that I don't have to play versions of curi's warlock, kithros' rogue, or cixah's paladin decks to win".

Card game veterans accept that there will always be top decks and try to adapt to them and won't just play the tier 2 decks for the sake of being a hipster. I have no problem with people playing weaker decks. I play Shaman because I want a more midrange creature based control deck, but I don't go crying rogue op rogue op in my posts.

None of the shaman cards you mentioned work with the neutrals in a way that other classes can't replicate better by the way. Every class has board clear. Every class has buffs. Rockbitering a minion for a kill isn't value, it's just a 1-1 (and a -1 if you've got less health/no divine shield). What does Shaman not have that Rogue and Warlock do? 0 cost mana removal that doesn't interfere with the flow of aggro. (That being playing a good minion on each turn, solidifying your board control).
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I play versions of all of the decks I mentioned (kithros and curi's decks are really badass and super consistent), they are great and I probably have a higher win percentage with those than I do with the shaman deck I posted (I never mention that I didn't play them). I do believe, however, that the shaman deck has the potential to compete with the better constructed classes right now- and thats what aldor is questioning in the original post on this thread... Certainly I am not "crying" that rogue is op (pretty sure I never said anything like that???), the game is pretty well balanced right now.

I posted that reddit link because your tone is accusatory, sarcastic, and negative in nature. If you don't have anything great to say about what I posted in response to aldor, then why did you feel the need to say it at all? Try the deck out and see if you like it first before you start saying that there is no synergy between the cards and that all of the class cards whether it be rogue, warlock, or shaman are the same in the context of neutral minions. All of the classes have their strengths and weaknesses.
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Nah this game still has a long way to go. If it was balanced there would be more than one viable deck archetype (aka not aggro). Might change when the buff minions are nerfed. We'll see.
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Shaman and Warlock need a little bit of love.

Both decks can be competitive by running tons of neutral cards but so can all the other classes.

Folks keep pointing to these top 10 decklists as proof that shaman and warlock are okay but the bottom line is that said classes "Class Specific" cards contain a lot of undesirable and weak cards.

Also, Shaman needs some self healing.
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but you all must agree, win with shaman gives more joy than with other OP races. Some kind of chalange bonus for you happines :)
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Shamans are not crap... in fact they are on the upper tier of things at the moment. Granted, they aren't as powerful as Blizzard's routine pet class the Mage but they aren't Warrior bad by any means at all. Shamans are better than Warriors, Hunters and Druids right now.

To the idiots saying Shaman cards are weak. Just lol.

Hex is strong removal, Earth Shock is the best silence in the game for dealing with the popular divine shield minion spam. Fire elementals are the only 6 drop that are better than Argent Commanders, Lightning Storm and Forked Lightning are absurdly good removal, Doomhammer is a solid weapon and the Axe is great. Earth Elemental is devastatingly powerful etc.

Not at all weak at the moment and if Mage/Warlock weren't so broken there would be a lot of Shaman QQ
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I agree. All your big bombs have huge RNG. Not only is this ineffective, it isn't fun.
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Shamans are quite strong and fun but you actually have to play control decks and sometimes depend on luck for example i use:

It requires some crafting but not a single legendary so its easily accesible.
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Funny how always ppls saying they play in masters LOL.

There is no real ranking, everyone can be at masters because you just get medals by winning but you dont lose anything if you lose games (even the worst player can get there after a while). Therefore it isnt real ranking but yet always ppls brag and have to say they are in masters, makes me always double facepalm ....

Overload is fine, I just think we could need a shaman minion for cost 1 like priests and mages have.

Right now you need the lightnings most of the time for early removal but your elemental that gets buffed by it is a 3 cost :/. Maybe change it from 3 to 4 cost and give us in addition a 1 mana cost minion that also gets buffed by overload.
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I'm still playing a mage and i got alot of burn cards. But when I'm facing other classes I get !@#$ing raped, Warriors are the biggest bull%^-* of all. All that !@#$ing armor stacking is way over powered. Facing a warrior who has 10 %^-*ing armor is BS. A big !@#$ you to blizzard for that one. Not to mention your ranked system is %^-*ed beyond repair, I'm rank 25 and I can't get past it because your "fair system" matches me against players who are !@#$ing ranked at 20 and even as high as 15. Fix your %^-*.
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11/23/2013 02:58 AMPosted by Aldor
I was really excited to try shaman out, bought all the cards I wanted for him and all that.
God, what a disappointment.

Overload should be renamed to "!@#$ yourself up next turn", class as a whole is too RNG dependant and plain weak.
Worst class by far, only murlocs keep it from drowning completely into the abyss of uselessness.

That's my constructive feedback regarding shamans. Over and out.

You need to look into what constructive feedback actually means. Over and out.
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always check dates
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Wow, I'm surprise how much people thinking shamans are bad. You guys obviously didn't go up to rank 13+. There are shamans that would consider OP to you guys. It's very deadly at higher rankings. Shamans are a bad class because you guys didn't play the game long enough to have more progression. Shamans are only good if you have a lot of expert cards to add into it.
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I still don't like overload but I got over it pretty quick. As soon as you get over it you'll begin to see the up sides.
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Anyone who says shaman is bad is to be ignored on this post - so you should technicly ignore the post.This is one of the best classes. Scrubs here say crap about shaman but i am sure they are lvl 9 shamans with no idea of the existence of fire elemental or the amazing shaman class rares. Things like murlocs only keep shaman living is probably said by somebody that hasn't played hearthstone from September to now. Shaman is an amazing class for control.
The overload mechanic doesn't ruin the class at all - it makes you think about you future plays and what you need to be able to do and so on. Obviously if you play forked lighting on 5 and don't even care that you can't play your fire ele on turn 6 is gonna wreck you, but that is your own fault. There also is alot of comments saying "Shaman needs healing." Well i haven't seen anyone complaining about mage, warlock and rogue not having heals. You could say, mage has stalling warlock is usually rush and rogue just burns you down faster. Well there is handlock warlock which is control and does quite fine, Trump has 2 freezes in his f2p deck (control) and they are there for the value not for the stall. (don't know what to say about rogue).

This should explain why the replies on this thread that are negative about the shaman are wrong...
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