3 Star master deck, would like feedback

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So I've been at 3 star master since the wipe, and before, pretty much using a similar hunter deck to this one to get me there. Its not really a UtH deck, so any constructive criticism is appreciated!

1x Arcane Shot
1x Hunters Mark
1x Timber Wolf
1x Young Dragonhawk
1x Explosive Trap
2x Snake Trap
2x Starving Buzzard
2x Hyena
1x Dire Wolf Alpha
1x Iron Beak Owl
1x River Crocolisk
2x Animal companion
1x Ironfur Grizzly
1x Jungle Panther
1x Emporer Cobra
1x Deadly Shot
2x Kill Command
2x Multi Shot
2x Houndmaster
2x Savannah Highmane
1x King Krush

My goal is to have a more balanced hunter deck that can be passable early, mid, or late game. Obviously when possible I try and set up snake trap + buzzard or hyena combos, and basically keep the board clear with my removals. However as of lately I feel this deck has been losing some steam, particularly to warrior weapon decks and certain pally decks.
Any suggestions? Thanks!
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Looks interesting.
I have 3 questions:
1. Is the Cobra worth a slot? I thought about adding one myself but I fear that it gets removed too fast in constructed.

2. Why no Explosive shot? I always like to have both Multi and Explosive in my deck.

3. Is the Dragonhawk for turn 1 or for combos? Is it usefull? I don't really like x/1 minions due to the mass of random 1 dmg aoe.
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why would you not use unleash the hounds?

ive tried different types of hunter decks, and you get countered way too easily if you don't have sudden burst with unleash the hounds. that card is literally why hunters stay top tier, and it's easy to see why people complain about it; just because without it, because it's the one card that holds hunters up "high"

if you dont use unleash the hounds, you get crushed by big taunts, board clears, and stronger aggro. hunter as a whole is not very good aggro. pretty much any aggro beats hunter aggro without unleash the hounds, and hunter is more of an aggro/control deck. you stall until you can start rolling down the hill with momentum.
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