BUG? Gladiator's bow's immunity

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When using Gladiator's Bow, if you try to attack your opponent who is a hunter as well with your own hero, the explosive trap still does damage. Should this be considered normal? This isn't a minion attacking but rather the hunter himself.


Clarification: Hunter A with Gladiator's Bow attacks Hunter B who has an explosive trap. If Hunter A strikes at Hunter B, should Hunter A take the damage if Hunter A is the one doing the attack?
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The working lets you think that while you attack you are immune. ET triggers from attacking. RAW it shouldn't do damage to you but the game has strange wordings all over the game. Not sure if this is a bug.

"Your hero is Immune while attacking." is the cards text.
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You are only immune to retaliation. That should make it clear. The trap is a spell and not a counter-attack. It makes no difference if a minion or a hero attacks.

The trap does not say minion:
"When your hero is attacked, deal 2 damage to all enemies."
Attacking the other hero with a weapon is obviously an attack itself.
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I'm pretty sure that the "Immune" mechanic makes you immune to any kind of damage.
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But there is no other damage during an attack than retaliation damage. I can only think of ET and the paladin secret that *might* be considered "during an attack". The paladin thing (forgot the name) happens after your attack and says something like "When your hero takes damage, deal that much damage to the enemy hero".

ET goes off before your "real" attack. You attack -> ET triggers -> your hero goes back -> you take damage -> you attack again.

You do take damage from ET right now, so I think it works as intended.
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