Al'Akir, fine or buff?

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8 mana for a 3/5 with divine shield, taunt, charge and windfury.

1.Can act immediately with charge allowing you to set up for him with flametongue and rockbiter
2. Divine shield allows him to chump a couple minions or survive the next source of damage after played. as long as your oponent doesnt already own the board and an outright removal.
3.if all else fails he can block multiple minion with taunt.
4. windfury allows for some stupid plays.

1. low damage means without a buff minion or rockbiter up he is only going to deal 6 damage his first and usually only turn.
.2 low health means even with divine shield he is going to get blasted the following turn.
3. High cost in proportion to his numbers simply due to the amount of abilities he has. He tries to be too much at once to be good.

That third point is my main concern. He does too much to let him be good enough at anything without incredible setup. I dont think theres ever been a game where i was able to drop him on a flametongue or 2 AND have a rockbiter ready for him to really deal damage that i didnt already control the board. Quite a few legendaries are like this (think jaraxus. If you're losuing chances are the turn you waste casting him wont change it. if you control the board he solidifies that.) The problem is Al'akir doesnt really solidify your board presence. he's just a big shiny swirly ball of ... stuff. My suggestion? switch taunt out. If he was as beefy as tirion i might reconsider but as it stands taunt is just out of place on him. trade it for higher numbers, or a lower cost. What do you think? is al'akir fine as is, or could he use trweaks? Is taunt a good thing on him or is another ability screwing up the mix. If any of you say remove windfury i might cry.
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Remove the taunt and add more health? idk
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He's the worst class specific legendary by a long shot, and definitely in the trash tier when it comes to legendaries in general. They just threw too many things on him for him to be good outside of ridiculous stars align situations - and you as pointed out, even then he's only really a "win more" card.

Taunt seems unnecessary on him for sure. The best way to buff him imo would be to, as you say, drop taunt and up his numbers. I don't think he needs a lower mana costs, as he's the class legendary and supposed to be a big minion. I could see a 4/6 or 4/7 with Charge and Divine Shield. He at least needs the 4 damage to be on par damage wise with Argent Commander+WF. The Health makes him less likely to just fall over next round, or allow him to take out a couple of stronger minions.

The alternative is to remove taunt, and add a new, unique effect. Something along the lines of "All your minions have Windfury [Battlecry: For this round?]", or even something defensive, like "Deathrattle: Give all your minions Divine Shield", or "Deathrattle: Your minions gain Cannot be targeted by Spells or Hero Powers".
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Alakir + Ancestrel Spririt

You can Hit 1 minion and then hit a minion again with 5 Attack or more, Alakir comes back with Charge, Windfury and devine shield again, so you can attack 4 times the first turn,
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I got Al Akir in one of my first packs and thus he was my first legendary, so i always had a soft spot for him. He is always in my deck when i play Shaman

Yes he is a bit lacking to be fair, but so so many times he has saved my bacon, and he is not so powerful that you fear using him against a priest who still has 0/0 on MC/SM uses

Besides a last ditch card, he is very good if you do manage to set him up next to a buff minion/totem. I do wonder if he should have some overload and give him Ancestral spirit as a default, this would make him a little more useful, especially as a bit of board clear
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He would be good if the taunt was swapped out for more health or attack power.
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Though I still think he is by far the worst class legendary, I've come to find use for him in my deck. He's a pretty effective finisher, especially if you have a rockbiter in your hand on turn 9, though if you don't have your opponent low by the time you can play him he's almost useless as he doesn't trade well with anything.
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It is the kind of Card that is useless 90% of the time and insanely good for the last 10%. The only reason i havent DE mine is bacause im hoping they will change him for the better.
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remove taunt, mana cost 6 and he is useful. Right now its just 2 expencive. Compared to fire elemental he is crap right now.
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The essence of the shaman deck is in itself cards relying on each other. Flametongue totem buffing adjacent minions, the guy that gives windfury, the elemental that gets +1/+1 for overload cards, the healing totem. This card is where it should be in capturing the spirit of the shaman. All the way back to vanilla WoW, the shaman was a support buff class.
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11/29/2013 04:31 PMPosted by Skiurus
The essence of the shaman deck is in itself cards relying on each other. Flametongue totem buffing adjacent minions, the guy that gives windfury, the elemental that gets +1/+1 for overload cards, the healing totem. This card is where it should be in capturing the spirit of the shaman. All the way back to vanilla WoW, the shaman was a support buff class.

And i would be fine with that if that werent such a flawed mentality in this game. The card requires you keep a flametongue on the field between when you drop it and when you play al'akir which doesnt happen often or you wait till turn 9-10 to combo it with the rockbiters you held in your hand for what reason i cant understand. To use the card well you have to already be winning or be very very lucky to have not needed to play those cards yet.

The taunt is simply out of place. it makes him an overprices sunwalker. Yes he can work both defensively and offenseivly but in a game where a big minion means VERY little in the face of control cards he just feel lackluster
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It would be nice if this guy had Overload. So many cards with overload and this guy doesn't have it? Making him a 6 with 2 overload would make him soooo much more useful in play.
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The windlord is definitely the worst class legendary. I personally thing they should switch Rag and Al'akir. The class legendaries are supposed to be game enders, Al'akir is more like a super expensive Argent Commander that hits softer.
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One of the Shaman's main mechanics is overload, so it would make sense to make him a lower cost card compensated by overload so he can actually combo with other cards before 9/10 mana. Taunt removal would honestly be a straight buff, it doesn't fit with him at all.
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al'akir is worse than argent commander by a lot.
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Its getting harder and harder to resist the urge to disenchant Al'Akir

He just isnt worth the 8 mana to cast.
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I would say lower cost to 7 mana, drop Taunt and buff to 4 / 6.

Or to stick with the Shaman theme, they could go with 6 Mana with Overload 2, Windfury / Divine Shield / Charge, and 4 / 6 stats.
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Ordinarily, I would be okay with them removing the taunt, but...
He's a raid boss, having the taunt is part of the flavor. xD
Overload sounds great imo.
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Well several raid bosses are included in the legendary list and only two have Taunt, Al'Akir and Tirion Foldring.

I'm sure it's not part of the flavor.
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I have to agree with buffing damage and removing taunt at the very lease and dropping price for sure. My main issue i have with what he is now. Other than weak and absolutely useless in most games. Is the fact that he has 3 attack. Since 4 is the sweet spot in this. Nothing says this card kind of sucks when you are winning vs a priest so badly play him to almost kill the priest off and they Shadow Ward: Pain then concede the match.
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