[Help] What do you think of my Rogue Deck

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Hello forum,

First of all I started Hearthstone like everyone with the Mage.
Then I wanted to try some new class and started with the rogue. So I created a deck with basic cards and I found that the Rogue was pretty powerfull.
Unfortunately I deleted the deck and I don't remember it at all. But anyway, it was with very basic cards, so it would not be very powerfull in ranked anyways.

So today I tryed to think of a deck that could be powerfull and here is what I came up with:
    2x Backstab
    2x Deadly Poison
    2x Eviscerate
    1x Bloodmage Thalnos
    1x Defias Ringleader
    1x Acidic Swamp Ooze
    1x Ironbeak Owl
    1x Faerie Dragon
    2x Shiv
    2x SI:7 Agent
    2x Shattered Sun Cleric
    1x Bloodsail Raider
    2x Perdition Blade
    2x Fan of knives
    1x Harvest Golem
    1x Spellbreaker
    2x Assassinate
    2x Azure Drake
    1x Gadgetzan Auctioneer
    1x Argent Commander

I also thought of some cards to add but I dont know with what card should I trade them:
    Loot Hoarder
    Assassin Blade + Blade Flurry
    Defender of Argus
    Questing Adventurer
    Shadow Step + Novice
    Cold Blood
    Adrenaline rush

So if you could give me your feedback it would be awesome. Thank you
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Hey! I think it's a pretty OK deck, but I don't really see a central theme to the cards that you chose. You have some removal cards, some spellpower, some cards that work off of your weapon (like Deadly Poison and Sailor). It seems a bit haphazard to me, but I could be wrong.
Was there something you were going for when you constructed the deck?
It might also be easier to look at using the HearthPwn Deckbuilder, just so that anyone that wants to can mouse over the cards, or look at your mana costs (I haven't been playing the game for that long so I don't know them by memory just yet).
For instance I would def add the Cold Bloods if you're going to have an Argent Commander, since then you can have an 8/3 with charge and Divine Shield.
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